Get Out of Jail Free Card

Well, that’s what we thought. Getting fully vaccinated, ie two jabs of vaccine, for us over 60s, that meant getting AZ (AstraZenica). In the early part of this Coronavirus pandemic, we were told that if we get the jab and 70% of other West Aussies do the same and the rest of the country, then we should be able to move more freely, at least within our own country!

I had my final jab yesterday and like the first one, I haven’t had any issues. The media put the fear of God in us and truly, the first time around, I thought I was going to die for sure. Well that didn’t happen and I’m here to write another blog post.

The east coast of Australia are in for the fight of their lives with New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) recording daily cases of the Delta strain of Coronavirus. The virus is running rampant with NSW now recording well over 1000 cases a day and VIC is climbing to over 300 a day. To date, QLD had 5 new cases yesterday, so they’re on a Watch and Act should those numbers rise.

The rest of the country is holding on by the seat of our pants. What I don’t like is the bitching going on between the state Premier’s. He said, she said, we did, they didn’t blame game.

Here are the world statistics and those for Australia. As we can see from my last blog a month ago, the cases have doubled, from 37,013 to 71,972, that’s a jump of 34,959 recorded cases. There have been 141 more deaths. In the big scheme of things, Australia has and still is, a very lucky country, especially when you see the statistics of individual countries. Yet, many, including parts of the US and the UK, have opened up now that many are vaccinated. Our turn soon, surely.

What is happening too, are the number of people with COVID who are going undetected. People have been too frightened to get tested and some have died. That was a given. The media have made everyone so frightened and you’d be vilified if you were known to be positive.

I haven’t known anyone personally who has had COVID, except friends of friends, until recently when a close friend whose family live in the US, received news that their son, DIL and two of the three grandchildren contracted the virus. Fortunately, the adults had been vaccinated so the symptoms weren’t as severe as they surely would have been had they not had the jab.

No one minded just 18 months ago when you had the flu and went shopping in a supermarket, sneezing and wheezing over everything. Back in early 2019 I went grocery shopping and within 2 days I was sick, sick as. I was tested for influenza and sure enough I had picked up Influenza A. I have had a vaccine every year since. I would not wish even the flu on anyone.

This year though, twice, I’ve come down with a bronchitis like cough and doing as we’re supposed to all do, I stayed home. Since lock-down last year, I rarely go to the supermarket, I order my groceries online and we go to town to pick them up. No need to go in the store where people are still coughing. It’s time to change. It’s not like years ago when we were told to soldier on. Go on, admit it, many of you, including me, still went to work when we had a cold. Fortunately it wasn’t often that we got colds as working with the public, we seemed to have built up a bit of immunity.

Christmas with our son and grandchildren in NSW isn’t looking promising. We booked a trip to Tasmania when there was no COVID in Australia except for those in quarantine hotels, but then, whammo! It took one person, a Bondi limousine driver, to think that he didn’t have to wear PPE gear or even a mask, when he transported international flight crew. One person, that’s all it took.

WA is still COVID free, for now, so when an opportunity came for me to spend the best part of a week in the city (Perth) to see my West Australian grandchildren and to catch up with my only surviving 89-year-old Aunty and some cousins, I went for it.

While I was there I was able to watch Harley play basketball. His team won their first game for the season. Must have been Nanna’s influence!!! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the other boys play their games as Arden fell over the hurdles during sports training at school and broke his collar bone. An ambulance was called to transport him to hospital, he was allowed home later that evening, but that has curtailed his activities for a few weeks.

I also got to spend the day with the youngest grandson Ollie and watched him riding his BMX bike. He’s his dad all over and loves it.

At the same time I decided to do a soft launch of my book I’m writing on my grandmother Cripps’ maternal family, the Greene’s. The book is titled In Search of Orphan Annie and I hope to finish it soon, but first I wanted to go to all the places where my convict ancestors were in Tasmania and maybe do some research at the archives. I might already have all there is to find out, but it would be the icing on the cake to actually go there. Here’s hoping I still get to go this year.

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  1. its an ongoing saga — but i am happy to say i am well, and healthy and enjoying life.. except the ‘not seeing grandkids’ bit from over the border.

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