Based on Health Advice

Those words will ring in our ears for a long time to come. Everytime our WA Premier opens his mouth, out comes the ummm’s arrr’s and the words “based on health advice” You would think by now he would have learnt how to do public speaking. By the time you get past his ummm’s and arrrr’s, you start to turn off. Moving right along….

If you’ve been following along with my blog you will see that Australia’s Coronavirus Cases have absolutely skyrocketed in the six weeks since I updated this blog.

Cases are now up by 97,407 while there are 638 more reported deaths. What happened? Well that would be the Delta variant of COVID that was unleashed in NSW a few months back. The NSW state Premier did not lock down immediately and the virus took a firm hold. Then off it went into Victoria and the ACT. A few cases in Queensland and a couple in South Australia and none in the Northern Territory. All along, Western Australia’s Premier has held a tight rein on WA’s borders and we’ve been pretty well Covid free. Tasmania is the same, although they had a breach recently where someone from NSW was placed in quarantine when he arrived in Tasmania without his pass, but escaped. Yep, he did. It turns out he was tested positive, so the southern part of the state went into lockdown for three days. Fortunately, the virus didn’t spread.

Where to now? NSW and Victoria are slowly opening up within their own states. Many places are opening but only to vaccinated patrons. Protests are rife with many resisting the jab. They have rights!!

Most states are now saying they will open their borders when certain levels of vaccination are reached. As at November 23 and 80% vaccinated, South Australia will open their borders but only to travellers who are double-vaccinated.

Tasmania are doing the same as at December 15, however they have one other criteria, you must test negative to COVID 72 hours before travelling. The other states need to do this too.

The Western Australia Government has been holding firm. The vaccinated rates need to climb a lot higher than the double vaccinated being still under 60%. So no opening of borders before Christmas 2021.

However, as of 30 October 2021, ‘based on health advice’, approved travellers from low, medium, high and extreme risk jurisdictions will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter WA. From midnight, 5 November 2021, travellers from medium, high and extreme risk jurisdictions will need to be fully vaccinated. From midnight, Monday 15 November, travellers from low risk jurisdictions will need to be fully vaccinated. People with recognised medical reasons and under 12’s, are exempt from this requirement.


Life for us in WA has been pretty much normal as far as we’ve been able to enjoy travelling throughout the state, no lockdowns, we can travel to the city, go out to restaurants, movies etc and we have been able to play our sports.

All except WA, though, are opening to International travellers that are double vaccinated and Covid free. Many are chaffing at the bit to travel overseas to see their loved ones since this pandemic locked everyone out since early in 2020.

Let’s see where my next blog takes us once the country starts to open up.

About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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3 Responses to Based on Health Advice

  1. Pam Batten says:

    A great record of where Australia is at with COVID 19 in October 2021. Congratulations on your dedication to record this history.

  2. Karen Yates says:

    Yes Jenny, it will be very interesting what the next six weeks will bring.

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