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Get Out of Jail Free Card

Well, that’s what we thought. Getting fully vaccinated, ie two jabs of vaccine, for us over 60s, that meant getting AZ (AstraZenica). In the early part of this Coronavirus pandemic, we were told that if we get the jab and … Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Grim

COVID 19 has taken a strong hold in Australia, mostly in New South Wales (NSW) around the Greater Sydney area. Cases have now hit a record high with the Delta variant reaching up to 300 a day and growing. 356 … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Roll Up

It’s Time to Roll Up. Yes, that’s the slogan advertised for all Australian’s to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated against COVID-19. The more people who do, the more we protect our families, friends and community.

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WA Goes to the Naughty Corner

It was mid-afternoon on 31 January 2021 when our TV and Facebook were interrupted by a live broadcast from the WA Premier Mark McGowan. As of 6pm, that evening, Perth and the south-west of Western Australia were going into lockdown … Continue reading

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It’s All About Balls!

Ever since this pandemic began, all we heard from the media was how it’s affecting the sports players, never mind the every day person and the jobs they’ve lost and everyone in between. Sport must go on! Yes, it is … Continue reading

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Three months later …

Well, here we are, October 31, 2020 and the Coronavirus Pandemic AKA COVID-19, is still in full swing. Mostly in the European countries and the US with Mexico’s numbers rising daily. The deaths worldwide stand at 1,193,744. Each and everyone … Continue reading

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