Hi! Jenny is my name and Jenealogy [genealogy] is what I do in my spare time! Who has spare time these days? As we know when we work, we don’t have much time and I can truly say, when we retire, it’s much the same. There’s a lot to do out there and places to see.

My genealogy journey started back in the 1980’s when my interest was piqued to find out where my husband’s family, the MacKay’s, came from in Scotland. After writing a letter to the Northern Times newspaper, and receiving several replies from family members, two visits to Scotland, it’s been an ongoing journey ever since.

From those early beginnings, I have traced both my husband’s and my own families. Mansell, Thomas, MacKay for my husband’s side and Cripps, Delisser, Lymburner, Caddy and Herbert on my line. My Uncle Ray Herbert encouraged me to research many years ago and here I am, 30 years later and still researching. It’s never ending.

So this blog will incorporate those families. It is a work in progress as back in the day, research was done by letter writing and all the information was printed or copied onto paper and filed. Now with computers, the internet and blogging, I’m able to share my findings to a wider audience without having to go to the expense of publishing a book, although I did write a book for the Centenary of Mumby Farm Northampton, Western Australia in 1994 called Beyond The Horizon, a history of the Cripps family. Copies are now available in pdf format should anyone want one.

Please enjoy this blog, click on the Surname menu at the top to find the main family names and use the search bar at the side to find a name you might be looking for.

Should you wish to contact me, use the “contact me” link on the menu bar.


Jenny MacKay nee Cripps

(c) 2017


Helen, Bob, Jenny, Melissa & Peter MacKay – May 2015



I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I'd love to hear your comments.

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