Last Post Ceremony

On the 12th September 2019, my brother Peter Cripps and I had the honour of representing the Cripps family at the Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial. It was 75 years to the day since Dad’s cousin, David Charles Cripps lost his life with the sinking of the Japanese Prisoner of Warship, the Rakuyo Maru. Continue reading

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Caroline who? – convict – Part 2

When I left you with this story 2 weeks ago, I was hot on the trail of Caroline Horsnick, alias Cramer, also known as, Arnish, Harnish, Horseman and Burnish. These are the various spellings as transcribed from records and how the newspaper journalists ‘thought’ the name was spelt. I was able to trace her movements up until the time of her marriage to Thomas Green and shortly after. As a convict, she left footprints everywhere, until Thomas was convicted for stealing a watch and sent to Port Arthur, where he died in 1855. Continue reading

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Caroline Horsnick alias Cramer – convict – Part 1

I wrote 5 blog posts about my 3 x great grandfather Thomas Green, also known as John Green, convict. He was granted his Conditional Pardon on the 7th March 1853 as John Green, only a few weeks before his wife Ann nee Wright died on the 3rd June 1853. (A conditional pardon was granted on the condition that convicts did not return to England or Ireland. They had the freedom to move about the Colony. [1]

Thomas took Caroline Horsnick as his 2nd wife on the 1st May 1854. As it was Caroline who led me to find out about Thomas Green, I thought it only fitting to tell her story too. Hold on to your seats as you’ll be in for a bumpy ride!!
Continue reading

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Sources Used: Convict Thomas Green

If it wasn’t for the repositories that have digitised their records, the story of Thomas Green, Convict would not have been possible without many more years of research. The sources I used for this story came from many online resources, some free and some paid. 

A huge thanks to the following:
Tasmanian Archives
Family Search
National Library of Australia (Trove)
The Old Bailey Court Proceedings
Founders and Survivors Tasmania
National Library of Ireland
Ancestry (paid)
Find My Past (paid) Continue reading

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A Free Man at Last – Thomas Green, Convict – Part 5

It’s about now that this story takes on a very different turn of events than what I was expecting. For the moment though, let’s jump back in time for a bit, 15 years ago when I received from the Tasmanian Archives via snail mail, a marriage transcript and a Permission to Marry document between Thomas Green, (free) and Caroline Horsnick, per the Duchess of Northumberland, 29 March 1854. Continue reading

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A New Life in the Colonies – Van Diemen’s Land – Thomas Green, Convict – Part 4

I have titled this blog post “A New Life in the Colonies” but after pulling all the information together from the various convict sources, I wonder, was it really “A New Life”? I’ll let you read on and you decide. Continue reading

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