52 Ancestors #38 – Unusual Source – Adam Lymburner / Hocken [1848-

In last weeks newsletter, I alluded to an illegitimate child of Adam Lymburner Lymburner and we read how the name Lymburner had died out in the direct lineage due to their being no sons to carry on the name and I wondered if perhaps that was the reason for Adam snr having an affair, to see if he could produce a son. He already had a daughter, also born out of wedlock to his future wife, Elizabeth Jeffs. Although, this son was not born until after he arrived in Australia. The plot thickens!

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52 Ancestors #37 – Closest to Your Birthday – Adam Lymburner Lymburner [1824-1893]

In all my writings over the past few years, it wasn’t until I was searching for whose birthday was closest to mine for the next blog prompt, that I realised I’ve not told the story fully about my 2nd great-grandfather Adam Lymburner Delisser. Other than the story of how he came to change his name to Adam Lymburner Lymburner here.

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52 Ancestors #36 – Work

Work…now that conjures up all sorts of memories in my mind:- effort, grind, slogging, elbow grease, sweat, toil, obligation, drudge, exertion, production and performance. Work can either be fun, that is when the task at hand is something you do well at, makes others feel happy and the end result makes you feel good too. Or it can be an effort, the exertion put in with the toil and sweat, is physically hard, mentally straining and not appreciated. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #35 – Back to School

In the time when my father was growing up on Mumby Farm, there were no schools close enough for the children to attend so they were often homeschooled by correspondence lessons,  supervised by the housekeeper. They usually started these lessons at around the age of four. My father’s older sisters went to the Presentation Convent in Northampton for their first four years until it became too much for my grandparents to cope with when the Great Depression came in 1929. The girls went back to the farm and were taught by an “Assisted School” teacher. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #34 – Family Legend – John Snook [1818-1887]

I thought I was done for this week’s newsletters to get ahead until I realised I’d skipped this one, Family Legend, a story that needs to be told to fit in with the context of our family history. In the early days of researching my families history, I heard a story, family legend, about my great-great-grandfather, John Snook being murdered. Warning: this is a long read.

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52 Ancestors #33 – Non-Population – James Herbert [1820-1875]

The counting of people, a Population Schedule or the Census, is used to locate families in a given 10 year period. There are additional schedules used to identify and quantify resources and needs. These schedules are called Non-Population schedules, statistics on agriculture, mortality, manufacturing and social statistics. A little-known resource available to anyone researching US Ancestors. e.g., an agricultural schedule could tell you a whole lot more about a farmer and how big his farm was, the crops he grew and what animals he had. Continue reading

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