Things Are Looking Grim

COVID 19 has taken a strong hold in Australia, mostly in New South Wales (NSW) around the Greater Sydney area. Cases have now hit a record high with the Delta variant reaching up to 300 a day and growing. 356 new cases were reported in Sydney, today, 10 August 2021.

Our son lives in the Blue Mountains and they are under a ‘Stay At Home’ order at least until the 28 August 2021. No one from these areas can travel interstate and even if they could, most of the states in Australia have put in a hard border to NSW. Unless things change drastically soon, our chances of visiting our grandson’s this Christmas, is highly unlikely.

Victoria went into it’s 6th lockdown for the whole state, although as of yesterday, Monday 9th, regional Victoria lockdown was lifted. Queensland’s south east corner of the State also went into a snap lockdown which included the City of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. They have now had their restrictions lifted although masks must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking. Cairns in the north of the state of Queensland has also recorded a case causing everyone there to get tested.

As Queensland borders on to NSW, Premier Palaszczuk has warned they should not travel to NSW whatsoever. No mass movements of people. Victoria is on the other side of NSW and they too need to restrict their movements into and out of NSW.

Worldwide Cases
Australian Cases

Western Australia had it’s own little scare when a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) worker had a very weak positive case of the virus and ‘may’ have been infectious in the community in Perth. He returned a positive result, then a negative result and then it was not clear if he was infectious in the community. I mean really!!?

As for trying to find the latest information about who Western Australia has a hard border with is a joke! The situation with NSW was last updated on 23 June 2021 and it is now 10 August 2021. The WA.GOV.AU website at that date, says travel from NSW will no longer be permitted, unless you are an exempt traveller. That was two months ago and yes, things have gotten worse, but if you’re looking for up to date, current information, the date on this page should change daily so you know you have the latest information. No wonder people are struggling to find out what’s right.

If you want to check these out for yourself, here’s the official .gov websites.

The only way out of this is to get vaccinated. We can argue until we’re blue in the face that we don’t want to be injected with a vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. But it won’t make any difference. The freedom we were used to, travelling around the world, going to funerals, parties, weddings, births, work, everything, will not ever happen fully again until most of the population are vaccinated. It is what it is. Just do this for all of us.

We are definitely very lucky here in Australia, and more so us here in Western Australia. But our vaccination rates are very low. We can move around within our own state without any restrictions whatsoever, but that could change if there’s an outbreak here. I fear it will come! The weather has not been pleasant for travelling as it’s been a very wet winter this year however it has been good for our wildflower season.

Last week I attended a funeral of Sister Evangelist who looked after us as boarders at Stella Maris College in Geraldton. She had turned 100 in February. That also gave me the opportunity to catch up with some long time school friends.

Sr Evangelist
Stella Maris School friends, Kate Hose (Suckling), Virginia Pirrotina (Morgan), Janet Garstin (Anderson), Jenny Cripps (MacKay)

Mullewa Wildflower Bowling Carnival with Peter & Pam Batten

Wildflowers at Tenindewa
Wildflowers at Tenidewa

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7 Responses to Things Are Looking Grim

  1. FranKitto says:

    Wild flowers look great. One day I hope to see them in person, if we are ever allowed in WA!

  2. FranKitto says:

    Wild flowers look great. One day I hope to see them in person, if we are ever allowed in WA!

  3. We learn as we go forward – and then learn again as we go sideways. But most importantly we need to smile šŸ™‚ Life may never be the same but who knows – it may be better!!!!

  4. Anne Young says:

    The wildflowers look superb.

    I am vaccinated but the news from overseas with high vaccination rates, for example Iceland, makes it look like vaccinations alone is not yet the answer.

    I enjoy the satirist Sammy J and I thought his recent skit on 2020, I’m back was spot on ( ). I didn’t think we would still be here a year later – definitely a sense of deja vu.

    Today in regional Victoria we received a partial reprieve but we anxiously think of our relatives in Melbourne and New South Wales – it is very sad we can’t see them and I worry for everyone too.


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