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Home Among the Gum Trees

This Australia Day, I set myself a challenge to write a brief overview of my ancestors who made us who we are today, fair dinkum true-blue Aussies. Some came of their own accord, paying for their passage, while others were … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #42 – Conflict

There are several ways to write about this week’s prompt, conflict. One could write about family conflicts but that’s not where I’m going to go with this newsletter instead I’ll cover the huge conflict of WWII (World War 2). 

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52 Ancestors #40 – Ten

There were several ways to use the prompt ten. My father was one of ten children, my grandfather was one of ten, including two step-sisters and I was just ten when my grandmother died. However, this newsletter will be about … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #22 – So Far Away – Donald MacKay

Week 22’s prompt for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is So Far Away. It didn’t take me long to come up with the idea to write up a story about my husband Bob’s paternal family. The MacKay’s from Rogart … Continue reading

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