52 Ancestors #14 – The Gallipoli Fallen – Pte Augustus Campbell

During this Centenary of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) 2014-2018, we remember those who fought and died either in Gallipoli or on the Western Front in France and Belgium. On the 25th April 2015 at Gallipoli, 620 Australians lost their lives on that one bloody day. There was much more bloodshed to come.

The War That Changed Us and The ANZAC Girls are two TV series that are well worth watching to give you an insight into this war to end all wars. But as we know, that never happened.  Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #13 – A Casualty of the Great War – Geoffrey Lymburner

I’m a bit behind the 8-ball with my blogging for this month and the prompts were not fitting in with what I had in mind. As it is nearing ANZAC Day here in Australia, I’ll be dedicating my posts to our ancestors who served in WWI. This post is one I’ve resurrected from 2014 which now includes a photo of Geoffrey Arnold Lymburner kindly sent to me by his grand nephew Joe Ross from Queensland. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #12 – The Old Homestead

I know this is cheating, well just a little, however with new followers on board and family members who haven’t seen these blog posts before, I’m happy to resurrect some of my previous blogs while life has taken a busy turn. This weeks prompt is The Old Homestead so not technically about an ancestor, however, the old homestead on Mumby Farm was built in the late 1880s by, we believe, John Mills who first owned Mumby before Connie Melon took over. Then our great-grandfather, Charles Thomas Cripps (1854-1923) swapped 40 acres of land for a team of horses in October 1894. 3 generations have lived in this home and 4 generations on the property.  As the families grew, extensions were added and later a new homestead. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #11 Norma Murray nee Cripps (1921-2018)

Norma Cripps

Many years ago I heard this quote and it seems to fit perfectly at the moment. “God never gives us more than we can handle. Everything that comes our way is coming our way so that we can grow and evolve.”

This week the 52 Ancestors prompt is Misfortune and this week I have had the misfortune of losing two very close relatives and a friend. Firstly my dearest Uncle Ray Herbert, my mother’s brother passed last Monday, then last night my father’s sister, Aunty Norma Murray nee Cripps passed and this evening we heard a friend closed his eyes and took his last breath. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #10 – Raymond Herbert 1931-2018

Raymond Herbert“Lucky”!! When first seeing this week’s 52 Ancestors prompt, I wondered how I would use it! Then today, I received some sad news and my blog came immediately to mind. How lucky was I that my wonderful Uncle Ray introduced me to the world of family history over 30 years ago. This post is dedicated to you Uncle Raymond John Herbert, my mother’s youngest brother, born July 1931, died peacefully in his sleep, March 12, 2018, aged 86. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #10 Annie Caddy (1889-1966)

 A Strong Woman is the blog prompt for this week. My thoughts on that are that every woman is strong, they have to be to bear children and maintain a happy home. The ancestor I have chosen for this week’s blog is my dear grandmother, Constance Annie Caddy. Continue reading

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