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52 Ancestors #40 – Ten

There were several ways to use the prompt ten. My father was one of ten children, my grandfather was one of ten, including two step-sisters and I was just ten when my grandmother died. However, this newsletter will be about … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #34 – Family Legend – John Snook [1818-1887]

I thought I was done for this week’s newsletters to get ahead until I realised I’d skipped this one, Family Legend, a story that needs to be told to fit in with the context of our family history. In the … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #33 – Non-Population – James Herbert [1820-1875]

The counting of people, a Population Schedule or the Census, is used to locate families in a given 10 year period. There are additional schedules used to identify and quantify resources and needs. These schedules are called Non-Population schedules, statistics … Continue reading

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A Real Treasure

This next piece of memorabilia is a little older than what we have seen previously. James Ryan Caddy was an iron and brass moulder, and had several patents to his name. During his time as a moulder he created a … Continue reading

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