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52 Ancestors #51 – Nice – Charlie Cripps: 1924-2000

My Dad, Charlie, Chas, Father Christmas was an all-round “nice” bloke so I think he fits perfectly the second last prompt in this challenge of Nice!

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52 Ancestors #40 – Ten

There were several ways to use the prompt ten. My father was one of ten children, my grandfather was one of ten, including two step-sisters and I was just ten when my grandmother died. However, this newsletter will be about … Continue reading

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Week 40: Teddy Bears Picnic

In 1980, Bob and I went to our first Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Mumby Farm where my parents lived in Northampton, Western Australia and we continued to go every year for the next 20 years until Dad (Charlie Cripps) passed … Continue reading

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