52 Ancestors #9 Where there’s a Will!

I have veered away from the Campbell family for this post as the prompt this week, “where there’s a will” fits perfectly with this ancestor. I was fairly new to researching, maybe a couple of years in, when I’d heard the story from my grandmother that her grandfather Adam Lymburner, had changed his name and if he didn’t he would not inherit some money. Well, not being sure what all that meant, I started digging. Where would I find out about a name change? Let alone find a will of someone I have no idea about. So I pulled out some library books and started reading. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #8 Heirlooms

Heirlooms are often not necessarily a collection of individual items, but objects that have been used or lovingly made by a member of the family. e.g., Christening gowns, patchwork quilts and scrapbook albums. These are family heirlooms or memorabilia that gets passed down through the generations as a memory of a person or family.  Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #7 Zeno Campbell

I wonder about this weeks prompt “Valentine” and how it would fit with my great-grandmother’s youngest brother Zeno. Was he a romantic? Did he have a girlfriend at any time? Not a lot is known about him other than what I have gleaned from his Death Certificate, Post Office Directories and Electoral Rolls. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #6 Keturah Campbell (1869-1942)

A favourite name, blog prompt for Week 6. I know we don’t have to follow these prompts, there are no rules, however, I find that they give me something to focus on and help me tidy up the information I have entered in my database.

I have to say, for a very long time, the names of the Campbell family have always fascinated me, Keturah, Zenobia, Hypatia and Zeno. A couple of my blog followers suggested perhaps they were stage names. Well the more I have researched these past few days, the more inclined I am to think that this is so. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #5 Jessie Hypatia Campbell (1876-

At first, I didn’t think the 52 Ancestors prompt “In the Census” was going to fit my family story this week. However, on reflection, I realised, just because the census records here in Australia were never kept, well certainly not in the last 100 years, we do have other records that can often place your ancestor in a given place at a given time. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #4 Alice Zenobia Campell (1870-1946) Part 2

Part 2 of the story of Alice Zenobia Campbell.

Zenobia married Charles Harry Norman Lymburner, in Adelaide, South Australia on 28th August 1893 at the age of 23. (well that’s the age I’ve calculated from her known birth to marriage date, however, the wedding certificate says she was 21!!) Charles was a 29-year-old bachelor surveyor, living in Adelaide. The marriage took place at the Presbyterian Manse, Angas Street. Continue reading

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