The Borders are Down – Some

As of midnight last night 29 May 2020, the regional border between Perth and Geraldton (Midwest) were open and it was like all the horses bolted at once. When the news came in a few days ago, that as of midnight the travel restrictions would be lifted, people packed their caravans, motorhomes, campers and the like and hit the road. Some who were interviewed on the radio, said they got away from Perth at 4.30am to beat the rush. From all accounts there was quite a bit of traffic on the roads.

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A Birthday in Troubled Times

We have had another death from the coronavirus in Australia, I know in comparison to other countries, that is very minimal, but… it is someone’s loved one, regardless of how they died and attending funerals has been very difficult as up until now, only 10 could go and you had to be invited by the family. Now 20 can go if inside and 30 if outside. Very sad indeed as there have been several funerals that we could attend of love ones and friends who have died, not necessarily by the coronavirus.

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Restrictions Lifted

Since the start of COVID19 restrictions in March 2020, we haven’t been able to see friends, family and only our neighbours over the back fence. It was great to get out last week when the restrictions were lifted slightly, and have a coffee and breakfast with my friend Pam and a visit to another friend Sheryl, so I could see the renovations they’d done to their kitchen. Now, two months later, the restrictions are being lifted even more. I had hoped the restaurants and cafes would open a little so I could go out for a birthday brunch, but that’s not happening until the 18th May.

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The Curve has Flattened

Australia has done it! We have flattened the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. It’s very sad to see how many deaths there have been in other countries around the world. Definitely closing our international borders, our interstate borders and even regional borders has helped to stop the virus from gaining momentum here. As at the 1st May 2020, we have 551 cases in Western Australia, 511 have recovered with 8 deaths.

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Lest We Forget

We could say Lest We Forget for many different scenarios, even though it is used to commemorate wars, there are other events that we will never forget.

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Just So We Never Forget

As at Easter Sunday 12th April 2020

Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister. Mark McGowan is the Premier of Western Australia. They have both been exceptional leaders during this time as I’m sure the other states and territory leaders are too. Australia has closed its borders to the world. W.A., S.A., N T. and QLD have closed their borders to the rest of Australia.

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