52 Ancestors #27 – Independence – Milly Cripps

The blog prompt for week 27, Independence, wasn’t giving me any clues on what to write about. The only affiliation I know of in our family is that my parent’s (Charlie & Patsy Cripps), were married on the 4th July 1949. However, I am saving Dad for another post and I’ve written about my mother previously. Then fate stepped in on the 4th of July 2018 for me to tell you a story about an unknown person in a photo. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #26 – Black Sheep – John Clinch

Not technically my direct ancestor, however, this story fits perfectly into the “Black Sheep” prompt for this week. John Clinch married Ann Greene on the 21st July 1851 in Hobart, Tasmania. At the time he was 27 years of age and Ann was just 17.¬† I’m not sure of the research process that I went through, as it was a long time ago, however, I do know that I received this certificate from the Clinch relatives in New Zealand which started me on that journey. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #25 – Same Name – James Ryan Caddy

Ancestors with the same name can sometimes cause a lot of confusion when doing your family tree. Then the one that has an unusual middle name which turns out to be the same surname as a mother or another ancestor, helps to prove you are on the right track.

Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #24 – Father’s Day – Edward Caddy

It’s not Father’s Day here in Australia, so this weeks blog prompt isn’t going to be about my father, but instead, another father, i.e., Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St Nic, call him what you will, is my theme ancestor for this week. I know it’s been blogged about before, but way back in 2013, so it’s time he saw the light of day again.¬†Edward Caddy is my 3rd great-granduncle. Yes, that’s a long way back in the family tree and does he have an exciting story to tell. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #23 – Going to the Chapel – Sarah Darling

The blog prompt for week 23 in the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks “Going to the Chapel” could really be written about any of our ancestors who married in a church or chapel. However, Sarah Darling whom I’ve chosen for this blog, married in the Office of the District Registrar at Champion Bay (Geraldton, Western Australia), more than likely because her husband, Samuel Mansell was a convict and still a ticket-of-leave man. He didn’t receive a Condition of Pardon until 2 years after their marriage. Sadly, Samuel was given a Condition of Freedom 4th February 1975 just 16 days before Sarah died. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors #22 – So Far Away – Donald MacKay

Week 22’s prompt for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is So Far Away. It didn’t take me long to come up with the idea to write up a story about my husband Bob’s paternal family. The MacKay’s from Rogart in Sutherlandshire, Scotland. His father, Donald and uncle Jock (Jannetas) set sail in 1922 per Largs Bay, leaving behind 8 brothers and sisters to start a new life in the Midwest region of Western Australia.

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