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Week 45: Flower Girl

When growing up on Mumby Farm, workmen would be hired to help out with the shearing, ploughing, seeding and harvesting. Advertisements

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Week 42: An Autobiography using Video

There’s a lot to be said about recording your family history for your children and grandchildren to listen to in years to come. I have been really grateful to hear the voices in the recordings I have of my grandmother … Continue reading

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Week 24 – Sporting Heroes

The Cripps’ have done well over the years for their sporting ability, especially Australian Rules football. Recently I was asked if I had a list of the descendants from Charles Thomas Cripps in a family tree, so I put together … Continue reading

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Week 18 – First Cousins

First Cousin = a child of one’s uncle or aunt. We won’t go into second cousins, second cousins once removed as I’m sure I’ll have you all confused before I even start. So today’s blog is about my first cousins.

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Week 16 – Paternal Aunts & Uncles – Ernie, Brenda

Continuing on with my paternal Aunts and Uncles, I’ll introduce you today to Ernie and Brenda.

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Our Little Angel

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of a beautiful little cousin of mine, on the 15th January 1967. Kathryne Gaye Parker was just 5 years old when she passed away peacefully after suffering for some time of Leukemia. … Continue reading

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