The Why?

Constance Annie Caddy

Constance Annie Caddy

I am Jenny MacKay nee Cripps. My mother was Dulcie Patricia Herbert and it is her mother, Constance Annie Caddy, known by the name of Annie or sometimes Connie, that this blog is about. If you wish to contact me privately, please click on the Contact Me tab at the top of this page.

Constance Annie Caddy was born the 4th child of 12, to James Ryan Caddy and Anne Carson, on the 1st March 1889 in Northam, Western Australia.

Annie married James Harold Herbert 5th October 1910 in Perth, Western Australia and had 4 children:

James Albany Herbert (bn 1911)
Harold Newton Herbert (bn 1913)
Dulcie Patricia Herbert (my mother) (bn 1928)
Raymond John Herbert (bn 1932)

I have been researching the Caddy family since the 1990s then stopped for about 10 years. I’m now spurred on since my cousin John Herbert, produced a book on the Herbert’s of Rockingham and Fremantle (WA).  I want to add more flesh to the bones of this family and collate all the information here for my relatives until such time as I feel it is ready for print.

Delving into the past takes you on a journey to many places, some virtually via the Internet and some in real life. We discover that the Caddy’s have come a long way across the seas before settling in Northam, in the Avon Valley. Nanna (Annie) always told us she had Irish blood, and it wasn’t long before I discovered this to be so, which led my husband Bob, on a trip to Ireland in 1998. I will take you through that research to Nottingham, Chester & Wiltshire before we land back in Ireland. We will look at why they left Ireland, and even discover that we have a relative who was a sexton of a church in Ireland, another whose photograph served as a model for a Hallmark Christmas card and a connection to a previous Governor General of Australia.

Please note: Most of the information here is my own that I have collected and paid for myself. Some has been shared with me by Wendy Chapman, whose husband is a descendant of the John William Victor Caddy, brother of Annie. I ask that you do not copy anything without first asking my permission. I’m happy to share my information with you if you are a legitimate Caddy family relative and are a researcher yourself.

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(c) Jenny MacKay 2015


5 Responses to The Why?

  1. Lynette Hughes says:

    Dear Jenny, Just beginning my research only to discover, Vera Mary Foley (nee Caddy ), was my grandmother and the daughter of Constance & James Caddy. I have found the marriage certificate of Thomas Caddy to Ellen Ryan in Galway on the 8th Oct 1856. I’m not to sure where to go from here. Feel free to contact me & we might be able to help each other. Yours Lynette Hughes (nee Foley )

  2. geniaus says:

    Welcome to the blogisphere, I found your blog via the geniesdownunder podcasts.
    I’ve added you link to my RSS feeds and look forward to following your blogging journey.

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