About Cripps-Lymburner Surname

Our grandmother, Annie (Norma) Lymburner was born 10 March 1894, 80 City Road, Melbourne, Victoria to Charles Harry Norman Lymburner and Alice Zenobia Campbell.

Norma married Thomas Charles Cripps on 18 October 1916 in Northampton, Western Australia.

This union brings about many surnames in our family tree. The ones that this blog refers to are: Cripps, Lymburner, Delisser, Campbell and Green.

About Me

I am Jenny MacKay, grand daughter of  Norma and Tom, born Jennifer Cripps in Geraldton, Western Australia. I lived on Mumby Farm, Northampton until I was 13 years old. This is the farm where the first Cripps family settled in 1894. My parents were Charles Cripps and Patsy Herbert.

Although I am the creator of this website, I would like it to be a place where all the relatives of the families can come together and enjoy the history of their ancestors. It is by no means complete and will be added to gradually so that you too can enjoy the stories one by one as they are posted. To receive future updates, select the “follow” link in the right hand side column, enter your email address and as the site is updated, you will be first to know.

The hope is that relatives will find this site and help in knocking down some of the brick walls or just to add their side to the family story.

Should you wish to contact me, please click on the Contact Me link above.

Thank you.


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20 Responses to About Cripps-Lymburner Surname

  1. Aaron is a direct descendant look at ennevors jamaica lol j

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Hi Jennifer, I’ve been busy these past few months and hope now to start working back on this family history and make contact with Deborah Delisser you referred to previously.

  2. Jen Leggatt says:

    Really interested to read that info on the parents of Alexander Delisser! I have trolled through lots of Delisser names in Jamaica in search of a clue but here we have good solid evidence at last.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Hello Jen, I’ve got to get back to this family and start working out some of the information that has come through since early last year, 2015. I was a way for a bit and haven’t been in the right head space to do anything with it.

  3. Michael Delisser says:

    Hi Jenny, we’ve corresponded briefly in the past and I only know I’m a descendant of Dr Alexander Delisser thanks to the info you sent my Mother many tears ago. Dr Alexander is my G G G Grandfather, Alfred Delisser is my G G Grandfather, Percy Delisser is my G Grandfather, Ellis Delisser is my Grandfather, and Brian Delisser is my Father.

    BTW I was reading that in an attempt to correct past wrongs, Portugal has just passed legislation to offer citizenship (and EU passport) to any descendants of the Sephardic Jews that were forced to flee Portugal in the 1600’s. Spain is to follow later this year. I’m sure we’re both happy being Aussies but I thought I’d let you know as we are all descendants of these people.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      HI Michael, we haven’t corresponded in a while. Wondering how you’re going with the Delisser research. My brother has just had his DNA done through Ancestry and we have a link with a Delisser who connects with the family in Jamaica. Have you considered getting your DNA done? Let me know what you think.

  4. Michael Delisser says:

    That’s the missing link Jenny. Any more info? Alexander Delisser is my Great Great Great Grandfather.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Hello Michael, where do you hale from? Who’s your direct link? I did have a break through with Alexander Delisser and hope to post more soon. Life just got a bit busy while we organise a Cripps/Lymburner reunion here on March 1st. The only item I’m still missing is the birth/baptism of Alexander, but we do know who is parents are now and great grandparents. Watch this space….! 🙂

      • Jennifermacdonald says:

        Hi darling ,yes i am a direct descendant of The jamaican delissers . My uncle Jack delisser has done alot of work on The Family tree contact him for more details j

      • Jenny MacKay says:

        Thanks Jennifer. I have been in contact with Jack I the past. I have more info to add to this site when I get home from holidays. Thank you for contacting.

      • Jennifermacdonald says:

        Contact deborah brookes she has alot of info on the family tree her email is. Deborahdelisser@hotmail.com

      • I am just amazed that you have not contacted direct decendants still living in jamaica . Nicola delisser gallery of west indian art .com lol to you all

  5. Colette Francis. ( Ruthie) says:

    Hello my name is Colette Francis. I think that Alexander Delisser
    Was a relative of mine. I live in New York City. Most of the
    Delissers were from Jamaica. My grandmother is a Delisser.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Alexander has remained elusive for sometime now. I’d be really interested if you have any clues as to his origins.

      • Colette Francis. ( Ruthie) says:

        Jews of Jamaica

        Delissers were Sephardic Jews from Portugal. They left Portugal and lived in Brest France about 1600 and later years went to
        England. There was a woman named Elizabeth Delisser living
        in East London St . Mary’s Axe that attended the Hambro Synagogue, she is my great, great grandmother. She had 3
        sons their names were Aaron, Ellis, and Moses who was also
        called Matthew. (Elizabeth died in 1802 in London).
        Matthew and his brothers were business men and they went to
        Jamaica to open shops in the 1790’s. Matthew got married and had
        a son called Alexander ( in Jamaica). Alexander studied medicine
        and left Jamaica to live and work in England. We know he married
        Deborah Crawford 1823. One of Alexander’s sons was
        Adam Delisser and changed to Adam Lymburner.
        The Delissers were part of Jamaica’s early Spanish Jewish
        population. Some of the names commonly found in the Jewish
        cemeteries in Jamaica are in Spanish or Portuguese, Delisser
        Is one of those names. The Delisser family helped in building up
        the island of Jamaica, opening businesses and building some of
        the synagogues.
        My family today lives in Brooklyn, New York and we are
        a Rabbinical family, my given English name is Colette but my
        Hebrew name is Ruth Esther Malka Francis.

      • Jenny MacKay says:

        Colette, this is brilliant! I’ve seen entries for Matthew Delisser in the London Gazette. There was an entry regarding a name change. I’ll need to find that again. Do you have birth information for Alexander, son of Matthew/Moses? We have other relatives who are stuck on his birth information and this is a major break through for us.
        The Australian ancestor who we are related to is Adam Lymburner and there are descendants of Alfred Delisser here too. Edmund never married. I have more blog posts about these family members.
        I will email you with my email address so we can correspond. So glad you found my blog.

      • Colette Francis. ( Ruthie) says:

        Hello Jenny,
        So we seem to know that Matthew Delisser (Moses) was born in
        England and later relocated in Jamaica. I know he married and
        had children. The Delissers traveled for business reasons to
        Haiti, Panama and quite often to England. it is also possible that
        Alexander May have been born on one of his parents trips to
        England , and then traveled back to Jamaica.

      • Jenny MacKay says:

        Thank you so much Colette, this is an exciting breakthrough. I’ll get back into Ancestry and see if I can locate Alexander’s birth records and follow up on Matthew(Moses) as well. A friend has sent me Joseph & Elizabeth’s Levys wills from Ancestry.

      • Colette Francis. ( Ruthie) says:

        Hello Jenny,
        I was going to tell you that Matthew’s mother Elizabeth Delisser
        got married to a man called Joseph Levy, I guess her husband
        Passed away but I was surprised to see that you found that
        Regards Colette

      • Jenny MacKay says:

        That was my super sleuth friend. I believe Delisser must have been in one of the columns on ancestry.

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