WA Goes to the Naughty Corner

It was mid-afternoon on 31 January 2021 when our TV and Facebook were interrupted by a live broadcast from the WA Premier Mark McGowan. As of 6pm, that evening, Perth and the south-west of Western Australia were going into lockdown for five days!

A security guard at one of the quarantine hotels had tested positive to the coronavirus UK variant. Because the guard had a second job and visited over 20 different places throughout the Perth metropolitan area, we went into immediate lockdown and anyone in those areas had to be tested. The warning was only put out a few hours before lockdown.

With that came panic buying. Why? It was only for five days and the Premier and Health Minister said that you could go grocery shopping, providing only one person went. Guess what went off the shelves first?

Yep, you guessed it, toilet paper!!! Shakes head!!!

Exercise is allowed for one hour and no more than 5klms away from your home and a mask must be worn. All cafes, restaurants, gyms, theatres etc were closed…slam! It was mayhem on that Sunday, but for the rest of the week people started to settle down.

For us in the Midwest, we were ok. No restrictions whatsoever, although we weren’t allowed to travel to Perth without a G2G pass. Anyone in Perth, either had to stay there, or get out by 6pm. There was a scramble for some to get on the road before the road blocks went up.

Our grandchildren in Perth could not go to school for their first day of term 2021 and our little great-grandson was due to start his first day of kindergarten. It is what it is and the children will have stories to tell their grandchildren.

And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, the Perth hills caught on fire. 86 homes were destroyed during this past week and the images on TV were horrendous to see. It has not been determined how the fires started but some homes that were evacuated were then burgled. Sick, sick, sick!

As of Friday, 5th February, the lockdown has been lifted however it is mandatory that you must wear a mask. Our daughter went out with the boys and even though the two youngest who are under 12 didn’t have to wear one, it was a novelty to have one on. The requirement was also that they had to send a photo for nanna. I’m told they are very uncomfortable to wear and understand our Victorian cousins went through months of having to wear them as have our UK and US friends and family. We are bracing ourselves here should the same thing eventuate.

In the meantime, we are still able to play lawn bowls with only one more pennant game to go this coming week and then the finals. Our team, Geraldton Blue, is currently sitting in second place, but can we hold on? It’s a very close competition and anyone can still get in the four. Time will tell.

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2 Responses to WA Goes to the Naughty Corner

  1. We were glued to the announcement and then within hours it threw our arrangements for our families to attend Dads funeral into jeopardy. But it panned all ok with G2G passes and zero cases for the week.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Thank goodness it didn’t get any worse, that would have been awful for your Dad’s funeral. I heard of funeral’s even being postponed, weddings cancelled, just unbelievable. We’ve been so lucky here in WA.

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