Three months later …

Well, here we are, October 31, 2020 and the Coronavirus Pandemic AKA COVID-19, is still in full swing. Mostly in the European countries and the US with Mexico’s numbers rising daily. The deaths worldwide stand at 1,193,744. Each and everyone of those numbers is a person, someone’s family. I know nay sayers will tell us more died in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, and estimated 50 million, but do we have to beat that number? Really? Do we? With modern medicine and vaccine’s, we should be able to beat this sooner rather than later.

Australia is doing very well, although there are still some cases in Victoria and New South Wales.

COVID19 as at 31 October 2020
COVID19 Australia 31 October 2020

Statistics by Australian states, although slightly different from the worldmeter because of a different timing of this data.

As we can see by the graph, Victoria has been the worst hit, followed by New South Wales. The numbers kept rising and we as a country, were watching closely what was happening in those two states. It was quite frightening as people were getting so angry and depressed. NSW seemed to go about their business, however many in Victoria were forced to close, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, you name it they could no longer open for trade. Metropolitan Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, was shut completely down. Regional Victoria had restrictions on how far they could travel for exercise, but that restriction lifted a couple of weeks ago.

On October 27, 2020 Victorian cafes and restaurants could open for seated food and drink services, with limits on numbers of customers. Groups of 10 must be seated 1.5 metres from other tables. At midnight on the 27th, many were already at the pubs and hotels, waiting for the restrictions to lift. By opening time the next morning, many rushed to the retail shops, queuing up even at K-Mart!! It really was quite ridiculous. (My opinion). Seriously, did they really, really, really need to buy some clothing? Couldn’t you have waited just a little longer, slowly ease into moving around again? If there’s another outbreak of the virus, we’ll all be back to square one.

We in Western Australia and the other states of Australia went through this several months ago, but nothing like what’s happening over east. We have been out of the worst of it for a few months now, but because of the community spread in the eastern states, our state border has been locked down, hard!

Anyway, enough of Victoria. It was because of what was going on over east that our premier Mark McGowan kept Western Australia on a hard border lockdown. No one in and no one out. If you had an extremely good reason to come in, you had to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks at your own expense.

However, as of November 14, 2020, (announced last night by the Premier) Western Australia’s hard border has partially come down. WA will move to a ‘controlled interstate border regime”. This would mean they would drop the hard border with every state except NSW and Victoria. Travellers coming from states with no community transmission for 28 days could enter the state, but are required to have their temperatures tested at Perth Airport and a COVID-19 test if necessary.
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On Wednesday, October 28, 2020 our only granddaughter Alana, had her third baby boy, (no name as yet), our third great grandson. Alana’s dad is our only son, Peter. He lives in NSW and she lives in Perth, WA. Because of the restrictions on NSW, he cannot come and visit his grandchildren for some time yet. The two-week quarantine is out of the question because of his work commitments. It is what it is, he just has to wait it out. As much as we would like his family to visit for Christmas, that is not likely to happen this year.

Our family now comprises two daughters and a son, one granddaughter, six grandsons and three great grandsons. What is it about boys!?

Sooner or later, there will be a vaccine to stamp out this virus. In the meantime, we may have to learn to live with it.

Top tip: Wash your hands regularly!

What? Didn’t you learn that at school or didn’t your parents teach you that anyway?

Cleanliness is next to godliness, is the saying from days of old. It has been proven from history, that cleanliness prevents the spread of many diseases.

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5 Responses to Three months later …

  1. I can’t wAit to be able to visit or have our grandies visit from Melbourne. It’s been a long time and not about to end any sooner. Meantime I’m organising Xmas early to make sure Mr Postman can deal with the parcels in time. And I’m studying “teleporting” to circumnavigate border security. 🙂

  2. Kerry & Jim says:

    We are certainly really lucky to live in Western Australia. I believe the internal border restrictions early on, although frustrating for some, really helped to stop the spread in WA.

  3. Cases are increasing day by day it’s almost 1 year that we are facing this virus 😭

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