Coronavirus – Current Situation

It’s been just over a month since my last blog post where I wrote about the COVID19 outbreak in Victoria. Well, today, things have gone from bad to worse.

As we can see by this graph posted today on 14 August 2020, the cases in Victoria have skyrocketed and the deaths have been horrific. I feel for all the families involved. Many of those who have now caught the virus, are our front-line workers, the nurses and doctors in the hospitals and aged care homes.

Where did the virus outbreak come from? Apparently there was a breach in hotel quarantine when some guests threatened to self-harm if they could not have fresh air breaks and then took advantage of the relaxed system. Some lied, telling the staff they had a psych issue, posting this on social media to get around the restrictions. There was a tragedy where someone took their life during that time of quarantine. The staff were also working in multiple hotels during this time, even after being within the vicinity of guests who had tested positive to COVID19.

Read more here:

Melbourne are now in Stage 4 restrictions.

  1. They only allow people to leave the house to purchase food and necessary supplies, going no further than 5klm from their home, and only one person per household can leave for essential goods once a day. There are exemptions for those that need to go beyond the 5klm limit.
  2. Exercise once a day for up to an hour within a 5klm radius of home and limit gatherings to only two people.
  3. For care and health care.
  4. Work.

Regional Victoria have moved to Stage 3. The 5klm radius doesn’t apply.

All schools around Victoria have now moved to remote learning.

All Victorians must wear a face covering or face a $200 fine. It sure feels Draconian, but this has become necessary. It’s not only for their protection, but protecting others around them.

There are some very righteous individuals who think it is their God given right to walk around with their face uncovered, because it’s their right to have freedom and do what they like. Do any of these individuals have parents, elderly grandparents, aunties, uncles etc? Surely they do. But it seems their attitude is to ‘bring it on’. Let me get the virus so I can go on with living. Oh, really? Excuse me? What about me? I’m 65 and I would like to go on living for a lot longer yet! I have things to do too and places to go. The one thing that should never ever have been said in the beginning was that younger people or children, unless they have a compromised immune system, will not die from the coronavirus. That’s why they’re saying let me get it and I’ll get over it and move on! But did they know that the virus can leave them with ongoing complications, including lung damage, chronic heart complications, chronic fatigue. Let alone the stress on their families while they take up a bed in ICU, perhaps on a ventilator!!

Here in Western Australia we are in Phase 4, which is different to the Stages we were in when restrictions were in place. We have been slowly coming out of these restrictions. It had been hoped to move onto Phase 5 but our Premier Mark McGowan is not taking any risks. Our state borders are still closed and we need to still keep 1.5m away from others where possible. They will look at lifting this, depending on Victoria’s outbreak, at the end of August.

As if this isn’t enough, WA is being threaten by Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer, said to be worth $30 billion, if Mark McGowan doesn’t open our state borders. Alongside that, he is also suing the WA Government for claims of unreasonable decisions made by WA Government regarding his iron ore interest in the Pilbara that caused him enormous financial loss. The payout will cripple the state leading to bankruptcy. The Government is trying to put legislation in place that aims to end Mr Palmer’s arbitration claim.

Read more here:

Note: Mr Palmer pockets hundreds of millions of dollars a year in royalties from his mining interests in Western Australia. How much money does one need? Guess more than we have.

For us – Since my last post, we’ve had some grandchildren come to visit. First our three-year-old grandson Ollie came to visit with his mother, Helen. He is a very lively little boy and even though it was tiring; we had a great time together. We went on a day trip to my brother Peter’s farm and had a look at the new Skywalk at Kalbarri. On the way back home, we stopped off at the memorial near Port Gregory dedicated to my father Charlie for his work with the Lions Club of Northampton. They awarded dad an OAM for his efforts in 2000, however it was short lived as he died October 18, 2000. Twenty years ago.

It was two weeks later when we had visits from our other grandson’s, Melissa boys. The eldest, Harley, went to stay at my brother’s farm, Myles the youngest spent two days on his own with Bob and I while Arden went back to Perth with his mother to play State Basketball.

The only contact we have with our grandsons in the eastern states is by phone or FaceTime, however that doesn’t happen often. We are just thankful that we visited them last September/October for two weeks. It could be some time before we get over there again, or they get to come here to WA.

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4 Responses to Coronavirus – Current Situation

  1. kardu13 says:

    Hi Jenny

    I know we are doing ok in WA, however, I am feeling worse than I did when all this started. I am waiting for our second wave. Praying that it doesn’t but feeling that it will. Sorry Jenny I’m not usually a negative person. Just one of those days.

    Love the pages you are doing. I have so many pages to do, I can’t make up my mind which person to start with. Finally found my ‘missing’ Tasmania photos, so maybe I should finish that album.

    When is your next getaway? I am budgeting for us to do a driving/motel trip around the South West across to Kalgoorlie and back home. So looking forward to getting away. Next time you’re in Perth and have time, let me know and I will come up and meet for coffee.

    Bye for now Karen X

    Sent from my iPad


    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Karen, we are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the bubble to burst. It’s easy to get down and negative.
      Between doing some pages and writing my convict story, I tend to stay home a lot these days. Even missing a few games of bowls because I can’t be bothered going out in the cool. Maybe some more sunny days might help.
      Heading to Yallalong Station in a few weeks hope to be out for extra nights. I just want to get to Tasmania but it won’t be until 2021 and if this virus keeps happening it won’t be until later than that. Hope we stay well so I can go.
      Trip to the Southwest would be good too. Will definitely do the coffee date. Not sure when I’ll be down, Christmas at this rate!

  2. crgalvin says:

    Hi from Qld, borders shut so we are unable to visit grandchildren in NSW but enjoy seeing them via virtual means every week. Love your photo story pages, what program do you use to compile them please?

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. I do the pages in Artisan, a scrapbooking software at . It used to be Storybook Creator when Creative Memories had it. You dont have to be online to use it. ☺

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