Are You For Real?

Just as everyone was starting to return to what was a degree of normality since the COVID-19 outbreak, Victoria has given as a nasty reality check.

As of Midnight, 7th July 2020, restrictions on movement of Victorian’s crossing borders into another state are now in place. That is, Victorian’s cannot cross over into New South Wales nor into South Australia. Special conditions will be put in place for freight and either critical services. As at that date, the total number of coronavirus cases (COVID_19) in Victoria was 2,942 with 134 new cases overnight. The number is continuously rising with the source of infection of 456 cases is unknown. There is now a Stay At Home Direction for metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. This will be for six weeks and people in those areas are only allowed to go out for shopping for food and supplies, health care, caregiving, outdoor exercise, study or work, if this cannot be done at home.

STOP PRESS!! Today, 10 July 2020, 288 new cases in Victoria overnight!!!!

Western Australia was to go into Phase 5 restrictions as of the 18th July as there are no communicable transfers of the virus in our state. However, with the situation in Victoria, our Premier Mark McGowan with advice from the Health Minister Roger Cook, has pushed this back to 1st August providing we stay a coronavirus free state. This now means that there will be reduced international flights into the state and reduced domestic flights from other states. There are still many Australians that live overseas, expats the live and work in other countries, who are now finding themselves without work and need to come back to their home country.

Phase 4 came into effect as at 27 June 2020

Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed even further, as WA’s roadmap is updated to complete the removal of all restrictions.

Due to the world-leading response to COVID in WA, Phase 4 started on Saturday, 27 June (11.59pm Friday, 26 June) and has resulted in:

all existing gathering limits and the 100/300 rule removed

gathering limits only determined by WA’s reduced 2 square metre rule

the 2 square metre rule will only include staff at venues that hold more than 500 patrons

removal of seated service requirements at food businesses and licensed premises

no requirement to maintain patron register at food businesses and licensed premises

alcohol can be served as part of unseated service arrangements

all events permitted except for large scale, multi-stage music festivals

unseated performances permitted at venues such as concert halls, live music venues, bars, pubs and nightclubs

gyms operating unstaffed, but regular cleaning must be maintained

the casino gaming floor reopening under agreed temporary restrictions.
For WA’s major sport and entertainment venues, a 50 per cent capacity rule applies.

When Phase 5 does come into effect, remaining restrictions as listed above will be removed, except WA’s hard border and access to remote aboriginal communities. The 2 square metre rule and the 50 per cent capacity at major venues, would also be removed.

So, where does this leave us. For now, it’s not too big an issue. Postal services are still taking a while to get to us, but other than that, there’s nothing untoward going on. Businesses, mainly cafes have started to see their customers coming back. It’s school holidays here for another week, so that is certainly giving the community a good cash boost. There are many, many West Australian’s taking advantage of seeing their own backyard. We are a huge state, the biggest in the country, so there is a lot to see.

Our Geraldton Bowling Club has recommenced all bowling fixtures and this coming weekend I am playing in the Mixed Championship Fours with Neil and Kerry McIllwaine and Benjo Brennan.

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4 Responses to Are You For Real?

  1. Anne Young says:

    Yes for real 😦 though no new cases in Ballarat as of today since sometime in May but feeling apprehensive. Victoria has a couple of days in June with no new cases. If it gets hold it can escalate very quickly – like grains of rice on a chess board if you double each day.

    Good luck with the bowling and Enjoy seeing more local sights.

  2. Pam Batten says:

    As soon as we become complacent, there is a reality check with this terrible Covid 19. Best of luck with your bowls on the weekend.

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