Six Weeks On

The last time I wrote in my blog about the COVID19 pandemic was six weeks ago, May 29th. It is now July 4th, the 71st wedding anniversary of my parents. Our regional borders in our state had been opened, however the state borders were closed and still are today.

The Coronavirus is still around, the numbers are continuing to grow in many countries. Here in Australia we thought we had it under control, however Victoria has become a hotspot with new cases of the virus everyday. The below stats were taken from the Australian Government Department of Health website. These stats are as at 3rd July 2020.

Looking at these stats above and compare them to the ones I posted six weeks ago, the active cases in Australia have risen from 488 to 903 as of today and the world stats have gone from 2,969,269 to 4,321,535. All told, 11,206,457 Coronavirus cases world wide with 529,403 deaths. In comparison, in 1918, 50 million people died from influenza. Let’s just hope we don’t get anywhere near that and today, we are still living with influenza in the community. In fact, I came down with Influenza A last year and it sure did knock me about. Yes, this year, I have been vaccinated, but will it keep every strain away.

When our regional borders opened, we decided to have a holiday for a couple of weeks in our caravan with friends, Sue Smith and John Rann. We took our time and headed to Denham in the Shark Bay region of Western Australia. We camped 3 nights at roadside camps on the way up before spending a wonderful relaxing time with perfect weather, in a caravan park for 4 nights in Denham. A group from our Midwest Caravan Club were staying at another caravan park, so we had drinks with them on one of the nights and coffee at a local cafe.

When we left Denham, we made our way to Quobba Blowholes campground, staying there for 3 nights. I had booked to go to Perth on the bus so we couldn’t stay on as long as we would have liked. Sue and John did and enjoyed a few days of fine weather and snorkelling. It had been way to windy for any swimming while we were there.

As soon as we came back from our little holiday, I hopped on the bus and went through to Perth where I stayed with my daughter Melissa and her husband and three boys for the first three nights. It was her birthday and she catered for 20 people to come to High Tea. The numbers that were allowed to socialise in a house had been increased. I kept a reasonable a distance by staying in the kitchen and washing up the endless cups and plates.

On Saturday night I was able to catch up with some of my cousins at an impromptu family gathering to remember the lives of our dear cousins, Maree and Wayne who had been taken from us on the 11th and 12th April, the Easter weekend.

My daughter Helen picked me up on the Sunday and we spent most of the day at the Perth Zoo, with Ollie before heading back home to Geraldton. Helen came up with Ollie for 5 nights to have a holiday.

To date I haven’t been back to bowls even though we can play again now. Our crochet group met for the first time on Tuesday. I’m still enjoying my time at home and just going out for catchups with friends.

About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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2 Responses to Six Weeks On

  1. Lorraine Ginbey says:

    Lovely to read, you are amazing Jenny. love Lorraine x

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