The Borders are Down – Some

As of midnight last night 29 May 2020, the regional border between Perth and Geraldton (Midwest) were open and it was like all the horses bolted at once. When the news came in a few days ago, that as of midnight the travel restrictions would be lifted, people packed their caravans, motorhomes, campers and the like and hit the road. Some who were interviewed on the radio, said they got away from Perth at 4.30am to beat the rush. From all accounts there was quite a bit of traffic on the roads.

It is a long weekend here in WA this weekend, so people are making the most of their new found freedom after being restricted from travelling due to the coronavirus pandemic and are heading off. For us, it’s a good time to just stay put for a bit longer. The roads will be crazy.

Western Australian regional borders as of 29 May 2020

My friend Pam Batten and I went out for a double whammy today. We always have so much to talk about, so we did take-away coffee at “The Quiet Place” and sat on the bench seat out of the cold wind on their verandah, then we’d went for at “Salt Dish” where we’d booked for 12.15pm. Seating was limited and you were only able to stay for one and a quarter hours. Not having family here, means I haven’t really had any catch ups with anyone and our bowling club, seniors gym, nor the crochet group are back up and running yet. But I’ve found plenty to do, watching family history type webinars, researching and writing a story about our convict ancestors.

We’ve had a couple of visitors come over on and off, so we haven’t been completely isolated, mostly since some of the restrictions were lifted earlier. The 1.5m social distancing was still in place though.

When I haven’t been on the computer, I’ve been watching some interesting series on ABC iView and crocheting a Darth Vader blanket for my 13 year old grandson Harley. It’s his choice of blanket pattern as he’s right into Star Wars.

Last weekend, 24 May 2020, a huge dust storm passed through the Midwest region. It’s been called a Once in a Decade super storm. It was horrendous. The 100klm/hr winds whipped up the dust from nearby farms that were in the middle of seeding their winter crops and blasted our homes. To top it off, there was a fire about 2 klms away and we could smell the smoke. There must have been nearly a dozen fire trucks and police cars that went roaring past our house to block off the roads and contain the fire. The conditions would have been terrible!

People lost roofs off homes and fences came down. My brother Peter, who lives on a farm at West Binnu said the top soil on his property was gone and there was nothing for the sheep with their new lambs to eat as the feed had been ripped up by the winds. The water troughs around the farm were filled with sand. We were lucky and just had some minor dust to wash off the patio and the floors.

Today, the Premier Mark McGowan has released more good news for the West Australian restrictions now going into Phase 3. They take effect as of next Saturday 6 June. WA was on the brink of collapse so he had to swing into action quickly to get businesses up and running as soon as possible. Up to 100 people can now gather in one area.

It was a bit unnerving though to hear that there has been an outbreak of coronavirus from the crew on a livestock ship at the Fremantle port bringing the total onboard to 20 infected. The crew have been taken into quarantine to recover. That brings Western Australia’s total to 25 now with four Victorians who flew in from overseas a week ago and were in quarantine and now have the virus. That’s the biggest outbreak we’ve had since the cruise ship debacle back in March. We can only hope that it doesn’t break out in the community now that our regional borders have been opened and more people are moving around.

We still have border closures for Interstate travel and overseas. The government needs to be strong and keep this happening as the coronavirus is still out there in the rest of the world.

The images below show the World and Australia’s coronavirus cases.

World Coronavirus Cases
Australian Coronavirus Cases

This has been a really strange time in my life and that of my children and grandchildren. Some too young to remember, but the older grandchildren will. When will we be completely back to normal?

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