History in the Making

Every generation has an historic event that happens in their life that throws either the country or the world into meltdown.

Over the years, we’ve had wars, eg the Boer War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Gulf War and Afghanistan to name a few. Plagues like the bubonic plague in the 1900s, the Asiatic flu in 1890-91 and the Spanish flu 1918-19, followed by the Great Depression. Then in my lifetime, we’ve had world-changing events like 9/11 – the bombing of the twin towers in New York, the Bali bombings, the SARS virus and the GFC (Great Financial Crisis), which saw the stock market plummet.

Now, we have the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which has been declared as a pandemic. The Coronavirus is a new strain of virus that was discovered in 2019 which has not been previously identified in humans. The first known case has been traced back to November in China. The disease is now spreading across the globe and growing each day. To date, 15th March 2020, 5960 deaths have been reported with 159,623 cases and 75, 956 recovered. Many of the cases are reported to be serious or critical.

As I write this blog tonight, the Government have declared that all International flights into the country, passengers must self-quarantine for 14 days or face very hefty fines. We have a relative, Peta Walmisley, who is due to fly into Perth from the UK, next Sunday 22nd March then fly to Geraldton for 2 nights, before catching a flight to Melbourne.

UPDATE: Peta has advised this morning 16th March 2020 that she has cancelled her flights. I am so relieved for her that she has done this. The world is going into shut down, the economy is going to take a huge hit.

Our middle daughter, Melissa and her family were due to fly to Bali for the April school holidays, however, they have had to postpone their trip, at this stage until September. This was hard, as it cost them $700 in fees to change their flights.

The media have got a lot to answer for in who they choose to interview. A wrong word here and there, misguided information, has sent the country into a panic buying frenzy of toilet rolls of all things. No one seems to know exactly how that started, but the supermarkets suddenly became empty of toilet rolls, all over Australia, then it seems to have caught on in other countries.

I’m so glad I was brought up on some old school ideas and hopefully being able to make nothing into something to eat. Sporting venues, concerts and other major events have all been cancelled, people are panic buying food and other essential items. But why is everyone stocking up on hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels and the like? I don’t get it. Whatever happened to soap, water, bath towels, hand towels etc? What is going on? Should I be worried to? I’m trying not to panic, but have I left my run too late to stock up? I hope not. Looking on the bright side, now could be a good time to restrict food intake and lose some weight. So long as I have my wine and coffee, I should survive…says she with tongue in cheek!

As the days, weeks and months pan out, I hope to keep adding to this blog so that this information is here for our future generations to know what we did during a “hopefully” once in a lifetime pandemic situation. If I don’t add to the blog, that might mean I’ve succumbed to the virus or just plain forgot and it all went away! Wish!

I’d love to read your comments and any tips you might have to get through this crazy time in our lives.

About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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18 Responses to History in the Making

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  2. yuni says:

    The article is very interesting, I am from Bali, the decision to cancel the Bali island is right. because in Bali there is currently no activity for tourists. all are afraid of the crowd. The current situation is worse than the Bali bombing in 2002. No one can guarantee this situation when it will end. I hope we are all in good health always

  3. I’ve managed to feed extra family (holiday now over and back to Melbourne) over the last week with 22 at the dinner table x3 nights, so hopefully I’m able to continue this if need. And my soap and water wash is preferable to sanitiser. My concern is that we might not see our Melbourne family until late this year now- I’ve cancelled my visit to them in May already.
    On another note, I had to spend a night in hospital for other reasons last week and I could not fault the treatment of our medical teams – they will be our heroes!

  4. happygirljan says:

    It is surely a scary, crazy, disruptive event! I fear the economic stress may outweigh the mortality of the virus. Prayers for all of us!

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      It’s like we’re walking around like zombies and half in denial. Is it true, it can’t be, it’s a movie being played out on TV. Reality is biting. I did manage to buy some food this morning without hassle. I went to the local butcher, I was the only one in the shop and the local green grocer. We’ll see how long I can make it last.

  5. Kathy Howell says:

    Scary times, the world shutting down like it has, we all need to do our bit and help where we can. Take on board what we are being told by those that are working hard on a solution to this crisis, and those that are out there panic buying, settle down ! As there is plenty to go around, you are causing the biggest crisis.
    I’m with you Jenny, wine /coffee are on my list not TP 🙃

  6. Eilene Lyon says:

    So far, the overall numbers are rather low. It seems people are doing their best to slow the spread and keep the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. I’d say there’s no real cause to worry about it. The disruption to the world economy is a real tragedy, however. Still, it will recover, too.

  7. Alison says:

    Glad you have the wine and coffee, but hey you forgot the chocolate, 95% of course because that is the healthiest!

  8. Val Noack says:

    I do enjoy your comments Jenny and hope you continue to give us your thoughts👍

  9. Princess Leila says:

    Well written Jenny. Sorry I can’t offer you any advice but let’s hope we all get through and come out the other side 💐

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