Family of Charles Thomas Cripps [1854-1923]

This page shows the family of Charles Thomas Cripps and Margaret Haigh nee Williams. Margaret’s first husband Allen Haigh died. They had two children together, Selena and Elizabeth who became the step-sisters to Charles and Margaret’s children.

I understand that I have all my information on here, all I ask is that you acknowledge Jenny MacKay nee Cripps should you choose to copy any of these charts. Thank you.Charles Thomas C-page-001Charles Thomas C-page-002Haigh-page-001

Cripps Family Tree

Family of Thomas Joseph Cripps

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8 Responses to Family of Charles Thomas Cripps [1854-1923]

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  3. tstatton says:

    Thanks Jenny for the clarification of the line. The photos are wonderful. May I please take a copy of them to add to profiles in my Cripps-Turner Family Tree?

  4. Joanne says:

    It was great but i guess coming from such a large family it is easy to get is so intetesting. And those photos gee u can see the family genes being passed down the generations. Well done. Thank you

  5. Joanne says:

    Gee Whiz..the more i see the more confused am i.
    Thanks for the tree-it does give a great insight. So
    Whose dad is edna cripps.?

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