Cripps Family Tree Chart

To help family members understand the names you see in my newsletters, here is a chart that shows a direct family tree from my father Charles Cripps.Charles Cripps-1.jpg

The family of Charles Thomas Cripps #4 on this report

The Herbert Family Tree Chart.

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9 Responses to Cripps Family Tree Chart

  1. Greg Nolan says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I came across your page this evening.
    It is very good and enabled me to fill in a lot of gaps in regard to the early of Williams/Cripps families.
    Edna, Geoffrey and Alan Cripps are my second cousins.
    I think I spoke to you some time back when I was trying to get a copy of “Celtic Courage”
    I finished up going the Alexander Library to read the book there.
    Your page is excellent!

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  5. tstatton says:

    This should assist people who are not familiar with all the Charles Thomas and Thomas Charles Cripps that continually occur in the Cripps Family tree. I had to do that with all the George Cripps too in my side of the Cripps family tree.

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