52 Ancestors #8 Heirlooms

Heirlooms are often not necessarily a collection of individual items, but objects that have been used or lovingly made by a member of the family. e.g., Christening gowns, patchwork quilts and scrapbook albums. These are family heirlooms or memorabilia that gets passed down through the generations as a memory of a person or family. 

To keep in with my theme about the Campbell family, I’m revisiting my great-grandmother, Alice Zenobia Lymburner nee Campbell. I wrote about Zenobia here and this heirloom/memorabilia used to belong to her.

They are a set of miniature playing cards, that Dad (Charlie Cripps) said he used, to play cards with his grandmother when she lived with the family on Mumby Farm until she passed away in 1946.

They are very tiny, about the size of a matchbox and certainly were used a lot going by the worn images and package.

Playing Cards

Zenobia Lymburner’s pack of playing cards

I wrote a blog about heirlooms last year. Read all about it HERE. After attending the heirloom workshop, it made me more aware of just what I do have to leave for my children. But, will they care? Who knows and I guess I can’t make decisions for them if I’m not here. What I believe heirlooms are for and I know my children will think differently in this throwaway society, are memories, to keep the memory of our family alive, by touching and talking about our collection to other family members and friends.

I wonder if my descendants will remember and talk about me!? What will they say!!?

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3 Responses to 52 Ancestors #8 Heirlooms

  1. tstatton says:

    You are so correct when you asked yourself “Will they care?” when you leave them your precious possessions after your demise. I ask myself similar questions. My brother only took a few things when Mum and Dad died and his children didn’t want anything. My son asked for a couple of things to be put away for him for a later date. Like you, I wonder if my descendants will remember me in time and how they will talk about me.

  2. They are small, but cherished. I think some of my heirlooms will be much cherished by some of my children. Recently Mum gave away a lot of her “stuff” and it was exciting to see what everyone thought was a treasure or not. My daughter wanted her wooden spoons and rolling pin as they had been used and used. Her 9 year son old wanted the crystal candle holder that accompanied him everywhere for the next few days – even on his beach walk. And a 5 year old great grand daughter wanted a divided tray to put her goodies in.
    Me- I wanted the bits with stories attached. The Demi-tasse coffee cup and saucer that was part of a set given to my Mum’s parents as a wedding gift and cherished by my mum who had lost her mother at a very early age. And I inherited Mum’s wedding dress.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      I remember when Dad passed away. My eldest daughter just wanted the set of picnic mugs that were, I think, made of aluminium, all different colours. She just remembered drinking out of them whenever we visited pops. She has kept a few things, not so sure about the middle daughter, think she would rather sell it to make money!!

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