Week 44: School Reports

Do you still have any of your school reports? I have mine from Primary School but none from St Mary’s in Northampton, nor Stella Maris College other than the Junior Results. 

I used to love going to school and have been to a few TAFE (Technical and Further Education) courses after our children had grown up to learn computer technology back in the days when DOS (Disk Operating System) was the computer language of the day before Microsoft Windows became the norm.

The TAFE results didn’t really tell how well you did as it was either a P for Pass or F for Fail. Back in the day, anything above 50% was a pass and below was a fail. It seems that is now acceptable, 50% is good enough and 90% is ok too. Where’s the urge to strive to do better?

My primary school years were probably my best years and you can read more about those years here.  I had two of the best teachers in Mr Graham Cowell and Tas Doornbusch. My school report shows that I was a model student, always doing excellent work. I guess when one has three brothers to contend with, all my efforts were put into my school work.

I have always strived to do the best that I can do for me and I have no need to be better than anyone else. I do work much better on my own, which has probably come about from those primary school years when I was the only one in my class for my first six years. We never got to socialise much with other kids, so a lot of time was spent on my own, thinking. Maybe that’s why I frown so much, deep thinking! 

I have worked in bigger companies (Myers and the Geraldton Newspapers) with a lot of staff but always found the smaller private healthcare offices suited me. Researching at home on my computer is just the ticket. I’m certain it was made just for me!!

As my grandchildren start their schooling, I can see that they are all bright too and hope that they put their talents to good use in years to come.


About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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2 Responses to Week 44: School Reports

  1. Yes, I still have mine too, and my references. I had a day of reminiscing recently. And yes, research and computers were made just for me too.

  2. kardu13 says:

    Still got my reports and my reference letters. I agree Jenny, that research and computers were made just for you.

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