Opening Speeches of the WWI Fallen Soldiers tribute

On the 6th September 2017, the Chapman Valley museum opened the tribute to the WWI Fallen Soldiers from the Upper Chapman District, now known as Chapman Valley. As one of the researchers of this project, I had the privilege of giving the overview speech. 

This first video is of the Opening Address given by the MC Pam Batten, OAM and the President of the Chapman Valley Historical Society, Warren Kennedy. The march in is performed by the 11th Battalion Living History Unit from the Geraldton District.

Overview of the project research into the 42 WWI Fallen Soldiers from the Upper Chapman District by Jenny MacKay.

Richard Williams, farmer from Northampton, Western Australia, wrote this poem, The Waler. He was invited to recite the poem for the opening of the tribute.

Bevan Suckling, President of the Northampton RSL opened the tribute, John Collingwood, President of the Shire of Chapman Valley gave his address, Ian Heberle, Past President of the Geraldton RSL read out The Ode from WWI and Jackie Simkin from Northampton played the Last Post and Rouse. At the end of the opening, the 11th Battalion Marched Out.


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4 Responses to Opening Speeches of the WWI Fallen Soldiers tribute

  1. Thanks Jenny for enabling me to be a part of this memorable day via this post. My tears are falling listening to Richard’s poem. Although I have read it before, hearing Richard read it was so moving. I did see him at the Show and we had a quick word about the strength of the Tribute Day. Congratulations to you and all those involved. A job well done.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Thank you Sue. As you know, the research consumes a lot if our time but we do it because we love it and want to. I’ve listen and watched Richards video several times and I hear something different each time. He did it so reverently and added so much to the special day that the opening was. Glad I can share some of the videos. I hope when we get the schools permission, I can share more. I have Bevan’s opening to load soon.

  2. tstatton says:

    Congratulations on your splendid research and the way you presented your opening speech. You are an inspiration to all of us. Feel proud Jenny as you have worked really hard for this all to come to fruition. (Glad I am a rellie and can boast about your achievements!) Kathy

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