Week 35: Always time for Family

My weekly blog didn’t get prepared in time to be posted this morning as I’ve been having some much-needed family time with our precious little grandson Ollie Morrison. Ollie came into our lives on the 8th March 2017 much to the long awaited delight of his parents Troy and Helen. So this blog is about their visit.

Our daughter knew that life was busy for us (yes, we know we’re retired or semi-retired for me) and she wants us to see as much of Ollie as we can. It was a long 5-6 hour trip from Perth to Geraldton travelling on her own with a 5-month-old baby. As it turned out, he was very accommodating and slept and played in between his feed times.  They arrived just after 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon and left early this morning, Sunday, in time for his morning nap. Another friend accompanied them back on the long trip.

We had some special grandparent time with Ollie. He is such a happy baby, always willing to give us a smile and never cried unless he was tired or hungry and that hardly happened either.

It was a perfect 4 days. We went for a drive on Thursday morning, first out to the Chapman Valley Museum at Nanson to show our daughter the tribute to the Fallen Soldiers in WWI that has been consuming most of my awake hours these past two years. Then it was out and about to see the Midwest ArtDrive as part of the City of Greater Geraldton to view different art, mostly created from recycled material to the theme of ‘old is new again’.

Bob and I had seen some of the great artwork out near Mullewa so we didn’t need to travel out there. We travelled around the Greenough area and stopped at the Greenough Hamlet for morning tea.

It was a lovely morning out before we headed home for Ollie to have a sleep and await a visit of our only grand daughter Alana and great grandson Zahkai. Zahkai has just learned how to walk, so there wasn’t much chance of getting many photographs of the two babies together. Their relationship is first cousins once removed if you can get your head around that!

Helen is a very fit mumma, so we did lots of walking. If only my hip would allow me to go more often. The weather was just delightful, no wind and the days not too hot and not too cold. Spring isn’t quite here yet, but it was as good as.

We walked along the Foreshore that has recently been redeveloped, making for a nice outing and a relaxed cup of coffee at the Two Foreshore cafe.

It was all over too soon and we had to say goodbye to Ollie and Helen as they headed back home to Perth. My only comment, I’m not as young as I used to be and found I needed a little 10-minute nanna nap in the afternoon.


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Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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  1. Goodness, I am struggling to keep up with the reading and to comment, so you have done very well to get the blog done.

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