Week 33: First Movies

What was the first movie I remember seeing? Now this one is really going to test my memory, however, I do remember a movie, not sure if it was the first one I ever saw, but it certainly was the first one I went to see on my own and plays on my mind.

I’d been staying with my grandmother (Nanna Herbert) for the school holidays. Usually, I spent these holidays with my brother Peter, so I’m not sure where he was at this time as I was on my own. Nanna used to always take us for walks down to the front beach and I remember this one time when she took me to the movies. There was another girl there, I can’t remember her name, but we sat together. Nanna didn’t come in, but she was waiting for me outside when it had finished. That movie was called “The Blob”. I often wonder if nanna ever knew what it was about because it would have to have been one of the scariest movies for a child of 8 or 10 maybe, to see.

The Blob was first made in 1958 and not that I knew it then, but Steve McQueen was one of the stars. The story was about a growing alien amoeba that crashed to earth from outer space and devoured and dissolved the people of a small town. I just remember it growing bigger and bigger every time it devoured someone. My goodness! How did I survive?

I’ve watched a few horror type movies in my time. The Exorcist, Omen I and Omen II were some of the most gruesome movies I’ve ever watched and I remember the main character in the Omen movies was called Damian. When I was pregnant with our first child, I wanted to call him Damian if it was a boy. Thank goodness we had a girl and Damian never saw the light of day in our children’s names.

Oh and don’t get me started on the Jaws movies. I’ve not swum in the ocean since. If I do, I stick very close to the edge, not deeper than my knees.

Growing up in Northampton, I used to love going to the movies at the King’s Hall and watching any Cowboy and Indian movie, but I’d get so upset when the horses got killed. They didn’t ask to fight in the wars.

John Wayne movies were Dad’s favourites and also became mine too. Not so much now, they are a bit lame when you see one these days. Oh, and of course all the Elvis Presley movies. I still get a kick out of watching any of them, yes, the acting leaves a bit to be desired, however, G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Fun in Acapulco, Kissin’ Cousins, oh all of them! He was a bit alright!

Some of the all time greats would have to be Lion, The Power of One, Shawshank Redemption,  Titanic, The Help, Avatar, The Green Mile, E.T. and of course Gone With The Wind. Who didn’t love that movie?

There are many others that I can’t remember. On looking at the best movies of all time, the majority of them are horror movies. We really are a blood thirsty people. I usually like watching history movies and those with a bit of romance and drama. Nothing too blood thirsty. They don’t make for a good nights sleep.


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9 Responses to Week 33: First Movies

  1. tstatton says:

    Another challenge accomplished so well. I enjoyed the “Tammy” movies, “Sound of Music”, My Fair Lady” and a few others. I didn’t like the horror ones as I had lived with my own real horror one night when a would be burglar stood on our outside bathroom roof and shone his torch on me in bed. He had his rifle in his other hand. His silhouette was clearly outlined by the bright moon. He had robbed all the other corner stores in our neighbourhood and intended to break and enter into our store. I had to crawl on my tummy across my room, the kitchen (which both provided clear unimpeded vision through windows), through the lounge and wake Mum and Dad who slept in a sleep out on the front verandah. I didn’t need to relive any of it again through movies. I guess that is why I liked light hearted ones. However, today I really enjoy watching “Who Dunnits” and reading them too.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      That would have been like a movie come to life to experience that Kathy. I definitely don’t like horror movies now but they’re the ones that seem to stick in your mind.

  2. Kerry & Jim says:

    Jaws is the movie that remains etched in my mind. Although not the first movie I saw it was certainly the scariest! Still don’t watch anything that is likely to give me nightmares.

  3. kardu13 says:

    Oh my The Blob! Remember it well. Looks like we have similar tastes in movies😄

  4. The old Kings Hall movies were the best. In my memory is a gruesome murder in a western town where a man and a woman buried a body in the forest. But what really stands out is the beautiful pink and blue bell skirt dresses worn by the ladies and the horror that I took home with me. My all time favourite though was seeing The Sound of Music in the Plaza Arcade theatre in Perth with our while family on a holiday to the big smoke when I was 14.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Those horror movies seem to take over the experience of the good feeling movies. It was a bit of a moment when I started to write that blog, that the Blob was the movie that came to mind. Loved the ladies in those old movies and the beautiful long elegant gowns and gloves. Mauve dresses were always my favourite. So much so, my bridesmaids wore mauve. 😊

  5. Anne Young says:

    I vividly remember my first movie. It was Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre in Manuka (Canberra). I still have the souvenir program.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Living in the country, those famous movies never made it to the small towns. I loved those movies and when I did get to see these movies when to arrived, I saw The Sound of Music so many times I’ve lost count. It was my Das all time fav movie and even when he grew older, we would spend Christmas watching it as the local to channel played it ever year for years.

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