Week 25 – Sports Awards

Last week’s post on the Cripps family football sporting heroes, sent my blog stats skyrocketing. I’m glad the server held up with all the hits it got! It had me thinking about the sports that I’ve been involved in and it wasn’t until I started putting this blog together, that I realised how many different types of sport I have played.

Over the years I’ve managed to take home a trophy or two for the different sports that I’ve been involved in. Sometimes, they were for winning or runner-up on my own, other times they were for team events.

My first trophy (middle) was in 1963 when I won the Under 9 Champion Girl for the  Northampton and Upper Chapman Interschool Sports Association (NUCISA). At the time I was a student at the Ogilvie School east of Northampton. The photo on the left is me walking back to the students from Ogilvie and they’re all cheering. Then in 1965, I won the trophy on the left for the Under 11 Girls also for NUCISA.

Left: 1965 Under 11 Champion. Middle: 1963 Under 9 Champion. Right: 1967 St Mary’s Basketball Winners


Jenny receiving trophy at Northampton Interschool Sports Day 1963

In 1967 and 1968, while at St Mary’s in Northampton I started playing basketball, netball as they call it now, and our team were champions in 1967.

St Mary’s Basketball Champions 1967
Mons O’Connor, Jenny Cripps, Glenda Lucas, Nola Williams, Julie Morris, Christine Barnden, Aileen Williams (Coach), Michelle Williams, Maree Simpson, Kerry Simpson, Loretto Davis.


Demons Netball Team 1967 or 1968
Sue Hasleby, Colleen Johnson, Nola Williams, Kaylene Simpson
Diane Dwyer, Shirley Shires, Judy MacKenzie, Jenny Cripps


I went away to board at Stella Maris College in 1969 and there were a lot more girls to compete against who were way faster than me and as for getting over those hurdles, I’d rather run around them. Maybe it was all that bread we ate at boarding school, as I started stacking on the weight! I was preferring to play the team games anyway, so no trophies during my college years, although I was the Captain of Green at the annual sports carnival in 1971 and did play basketball and was Captain of one of the teams. That has to account for something!!

Then it wasn’t until a few years after I was married and a couple of toddlers in tow when I started playing softball. In 1977, my good friend Joan Baker called around to our unit where we were staying with my grandmother, Norma Cripps, and asked if I’d like to play. I must have said yes, as I ended up playing with her in a team called the Goodies. Remember the TV show? Our uniform was green and white and Geoff Honeybone our coach. Then we were renamed Comets and our uniform was light blue and navy. In 1978 I received the trophy on the left for being the most improved and on the right was the coaches trophy, also in 1978. That was for the most home runs in the one game. I think I hit about 3 or 4 that game. I remember the euphoria, everyone was cheering me on!!

Comets Softball Team Jenny MacKay, Ruth Tchernakoff, Sue Hill, Geoff Honeybone, Barbara Kentish, Jenny Kersting. Dianne Vomiero, Dorothy Shoesmith, Joan Baker, ? Wilton, Linda Zammit

Softball Trophies











Tennis & Squash Trophies


In 1978, I began playing squash and won the Geraldton Squash Association trophy for Seed 6. That’s way down the ladder, but you had to start somewhere. Peter was born in 1979 so I had to curtail my sporting activities for a while, but it wasn’t long when I was back on the softball pitch. Peter’s godmother, Barbara Honeybone, was playing for Martians so she encouraged me to join them. From memory, I think Geoff may have been their coach at this time as well as Maureen and Brian Wood. Our uniform was red, black and white. Unfortunately, I’ve not come across any photos of that time.

Dart Trophies

I stopped playing softball as it was quite time-consuming with training and playing on the weekends. It was a busy time with 3 kids and they were starting to play their own sports.  So, I took up playing darts in the evenings, at the Italian Club. Yes, darts!! Can you believe that!!? I wasn’t such a bad player, enjoyed the social outing and it was good to keep the brain active, as you had to add up those scores pretty quick. Bob was a gun dart player in his day, so he sort of encouraged me to have a go. I took out three separate trophies in the one year in 1982. Runner-up to the highest score of 130, runner-up to the most singles of 20 and runner-up in the club doubles with Diane Vomeiro.

Heading out in the night started to wear me down so I went back to playing squash during the week while the kids were at school. In 1984 and 1985, I won the B Grade Spring Pennants trophy.

It looks like I couldn’t sit still as I then went out and played social tennis. I used to play at school and this was something both Bob and I could play together and the kids started playing as well, so we joined the Spalding Park Tennis Club. It was a great social outing, often having club functions that we got involved in. Bob didn’t get into pennants, but I did which meant playing with the ladies on Thursdays and mixed on the weekend. In 1986 I received the Caltex Player of the Year trophy in Division 2 and in 1987 our A Reserve team won the mixed pennants.

A Reserve Tennis Spalding Park

Back: Marshall Flavel, Mick Major, Justin Flavel, Peter Scott Front: Jenny MacKay, Lorraine Rann, Nancy Barden, Kerry Soanes

That seemed to be about the time that trophy’s stopped being given out and they became useful items that you could use around the home, like serving platters, bowls etc. I still have some that I use today.

I enjoyed my sports, however, the kids had gone off to school, Helen was starting out at high school, so it was time to start looking for work to get them through their higher education years. My first job was full-time at the Geraldton Guardian newspapers where I worked as a typesetter for the paper. There was no time for sports, so I just played a bit of social tennis on the weekends and eventually stopped playing all together in the 1990s. Life was just too busy.

As the years have rolled on, 2017 as I write this and I’m not working, except in a voluntary capacity, Bob and I both took up lawn bowls at the Wonthella Bowling Club in 2014. Three years on and I’ve been on some winning teams and the prizes are now cash money. That’s a good thing, cash always comes in handy for something and I enjoy the game and the social outings.

Wonthella Bowling Club pairs runners-up 2016-17 Jenny MacKay and Pam Batten with sponsor Maria Giudice-Nairn.

Winners Wonthella Bowling Club Championship Fours 2016-17. Jenny MacKay, Ellen Ferguson, Jeanette Elliot, Sue Clarke.



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4 Responses to Week 25 – Sports Awards

  1. tstatton says:

    My word Jenny, you were very sporty. Lovely to hear of all your exploits in the various sporting arenas.

  2. That is a fair innings Jenny… I feature in two photos (I think) …. the netball team, 1968, I am pretty sure we were runners-up. And I think it is me standing wearing Npton sports uniform with yellow bands around the bottom of a full black skirt with my arms folded next to the girl in the sunnies.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Yes, Sue, I think you’re right, you are in two photos. Judy McKenzie (Glass) is the one rally clapping. We went to school together for a short time at Ogilvie when they lived where Kevin Chicks property was.

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