Week 24 – Sporting Heroes

The Cripps’ have done well over the years for their sporting ability, especially Australian Rules football. Recently I was asked if I had a list of the descendants from Charles Thomas Cripps in a family tree, so I put together a tree with the help of my cousin Joanne Parker and came up with quite an impressive list of players for both the WAFL (West Australian Football League) and the AFL (Australian Football League).

In the early days of football, brothers Charlie, Ernie and Jim Cripps played for Rovers Football Club a team of Northampton players.

Rovers Football Club 1955
Terry Carlton (Capt), Vic Harvey, Jim Cripps, Clarie Simkin, Dick Smith, Kevin Chick, Len Dawson, Russel Paddon.
Johnny Reynolds, Dave Reynolds jnr, Jack Bridgeman, Ernie Cripps, Jack Baker, Clayton Sheehan, Charles Cripps, Bert Bridgeman.
Frank Hardwick, Laurie Johnson, Eric Drage (Coach), Phil Carson, Brian Johnson, Glen Harvey, Viv Carson, Cecil Drage, Allan Bridgeman, Gordon Bridgeman, Ian Nairn.

The first to head off to play in the big league from the next generation, was Garry Cripps, the son of Charles Cripps and Dulcie Herbert and grandson of “Tom” Cripps (1882-1958) and Norma Lymburner (1884-1989). From 1969-1970, Garry played for Swan Districts and West Perth from 1971-1972. This was at a time when there was no West Australian team in the AFL, previously known as the VFL (Victorian Football League). Garry won the Western Australian Football League (WAFL) Prendegast Medal for the Reserves in 1973.


Barry Cable and Garry Cripps


Then in 1985, Chris Mainwaring, the son of  Leah Cripps and Hub Mainwaring, grandson of “Tom” Cripps (1882-1958) and Norma Lymburner (1894-1989) set off to the city, playing for East Fremantle in the WAFL in 1985. Chris often visited his hometown and I was fortunate to have him sign a profile card for me when I just happened to visit my local supermarket where he was with another player signing autographs.

In 1987, WA joined the VFL with the West Coast Eagles team. The VFL (Victorian Football Club) has since been known as the AFL (Australian Football League). Another WA team, The Fremantle Football Club (Dockers) joined in 1995, however, no Cripps descendants have played for the club. Although, on my mother’s side of the family, grand uncle Henry Albert “Harry” Herbert and William Augustus “Bill” Bateman, were instrumental in converting the Fremantle Football Club from playing under Rugby rules to the new ‘bouncing game’ or ‘Victorian rules’ in April 1885. The Snook’s mentioned in this article are also relatives of the Herbert’s. And recently I’ve found that many of my Herbert cousins follow the Dockers. No wonder I favour Dockers over Eagles whenever they play. Not that I follow much footy. Read more about Australian Rules Football here.

Chris Mainwaring played for the West Coast Eagles inaugural team in 1987-1999. Andrew Lockyer, grandson of Ernest John “Jack” Cripps (1893-1957) and Emily Underwood (-1992) also joined in 1987-1992 followed by the second generation of Cripps footballers, Jamie Cripps, grandson of Owen “Jim” Cripps and Nell Jackson and great grandson of “Tom” Cripps (1882-1958) and Norma Lymburner (1894-1989) in 2013.  Jamie also played for St Kilda in 2011-2012.

Tarkyn Lockyer, great grandson of “Jack” Cripps, has played in the AFL at Collingwood, Aidan Parker, grandson of David Parker and Brenda Cripps, great grandson “Tom” Cripps, was drafted as a Rookie for Adelaide Crows and Patrick Cripps, grandson Ernie Cripps and Barbara Gannon, great grandson “Tom” Cripps, currently plays for Carlton.

Jordan Lockyer, grandson of Edna Cripps and Rodney Lockyer, great grandson of “Jack” Cripps, played for West Perth and Subiaco. He was drafted in the AFL for Sydney Swans. Another great grandson of “Jack” Cripps and grandson of Edna Cripps and Rodney Lockyer, is Jack Cripps who play WAFL for East Fremantle and Northern Blues in Victoria Football League.


The tree below lists the WAFL (West Australian Football League) and AFL (Australian Football League) teams that the Cripps descendants have been playing for.

(c) Jenny MacKay 2017

(c) Jenny MacKay 2017


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6 Responses to Week 24 – Sporting Heroes

  1. Not bad for a little country family… a mighty boot of talent.

  2. Paula says:

    Very informative Jenny,
    You always give great details.

  3. Marie Dux says:

    Very good Jenny. Though not AFL what about Bradley Cripps for equestrian.

  4. kardu13 says:

    Wow what a lineup.

  5. Fantastic, well done. What a great read. The Cripps and Herbert family have had a massive impact on the game.

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