Week 23 – A Quirky Family Story of the Lost Ring

This is just a little a little story that I remember about my grandmother, Annie Herbert née Caddy. Nanna, as we used to call her, often visited us on the farm at Mumby, Northampton for Christmas, although there were other times throughout the year.

Looking towards the farm house from the front gate. The trees are in more recent times.

It must have been springtime, as I recall we would walk up to the front gate of the farm, across the road, over the hill and have a picnic near the creek. We would dig around for inkwells. They were a small plant, that when dug up would have a bulb on the end. We would squash the bulb and mix it with water to make ink for our fountain pens. I must admit, I don’t think it worked too well.

However, on one of these picnics, Nanna must have been digging as well, because suddenly she cried out that she had lost her wedding ring. Well, we searched and searched and searched with no luck. We’re not sure how long after, it may have been a few days, a week, or even a year, as a kid, time was always a long time, but, we went back to the same spot and would you believe, we found the wedding ring. What an exciting day. There are no photos to go with this story, but I do remember being relieved that the ring was found and I bet Nanna was too.

We spent many wonderful hours with our Nanna. She was the best storyteller, remembered all our favourite bedtime stories off by heart and many wonderful times at her home at 30 Snowden Street, Geraldton.

The photos below are from some old negatives that I found in amongst Dad’s box of photos I inherited when he passed away. The Woodcock family are very good friends of ours and we had many picnics together.

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2 Responses to Week 23 – A Quirky Family Story of the Lost Ring

  1. these are the little memories that make us happy.

  2. tstatton says:

    Jenny you continue to excel yourself writing up your very happy memories and sharing them with us all. Well done. Looking forward to seeing you sometime tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday) so that we can make some happy memories also to look back upon.

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