Week 18 – First Cousins

First Cousin = a child of one’s uncle or aunt. We won’t go into second cousins, second cousins once removed as I’m sure I’ll have you all confused before I even start. So today’s blog is about my first cousins.

On my mother’s side of the family, the Herbert’s, I have 13 first cousins. Over the years, I have met every one of them. In my previous blog about my 3 maternal uncles, I mentioned that we didn’t get to see them very often. However, on one memorable occasion, Uncle Ray brought his family up to the farm and we had this photo taken. It must be about time that we all got together again, although sadly, Cathy and Bobbo are no longer with us.

Herbert Cousins

John Herbert, Bobbo and Peter Cripps (my brothers), Frances, Dianne, Cathy, Raymond, Jenny (me) and Terry Herbert.

We did, however, catch up with John and Terry Herbert in August 2016 and took them on a trip down memory lane showing them the shop that our grandmother owned on Eleanor Street (now Chapman Road) and where the house was that she lived in at 30Snowden Street. The railway station was across the road from the shop and grandfather Herbert worked there as a clerk until his death in 1943.

John & Terry Herbert's visit to Geraldton

John and Terry Herbert, Jenny (me), Peter and Garry Cripps.

As most of Dad’s side of the family lived close by, we did and still do, see the cousins quite often and over the years had a number of family reunions. I have 39 first cousins on my paternal (Cripps) side of the family. They are too numerous to name in all these photos, although I have attempted to on the last photo taken in 2015.

1979 Cripps Reunion – First Cousins and their parents


1984 Cripps reunion – First Cousins


2004 – Cripps Reunion


13 maternal

2015 Cripps Reunion – First Cousins

Back and Middle: John Cripps, Joanne Parker, Gaylene Johnson, Bob Parker, Glenn Mainwaring, Jenny MacKay, Peter Cripps, Kerry Watson, Vicky Tutt, Terry Cripps, Kevin Bridgeman, Dianne Coote, Christine Wall, Michael Cripps, Bradley Cripps, Tracey Watson, Brett Mainwaring
Front sitting: Lorraine Ginbey, John Whiting, Helen Batina, Alan Johnson, Marie Dux, Anne Whiting




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6 Responses to Week 18 – First Cousins

  1. Marie Dux says:

    As per usual Jenny, always on the go. All looks wonderful. Marie xx

  2. tstatton says:

    Lovely photos Jenny and what a clan to try to name! May I copy the 2004 Cripps reunion photo to send to Robert Cripps in England as he didn’t think there were any here in Australia related to him!

  3. What a tribe. It was great to match lots of faces

  4. Anne Young says:

    A lot of cousins. I only have two first cousins. My paternal grandmother had lots (
    My blog post about my grandmother’s cousins )

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