Our Little Angel

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of a beautiful little cousin of mine, on the 15th January 1967. Kathryne Gaye Parker was just 5 years old when she passed away peacefully after suffering for some time of Leukemia.

I have a very close affinity with Kathryne or Kathy as we called her, in that when she was laid to rest, she was wearing a dress that I wore as Flowergirlrl for one of my Dad’s friends. I was only about 11 years old when Kathryne died but I remember her as a sweet girl, always laughing. We used to visit my Aunty Brenda and Uncle Dave a lot when they lived in View Street, Geraldton. They even took me in so I could finish sitting for my junior exams when I was a teenager.

Brenda was a busy lady and was the first Tupperware dealer in the Midwest Region. She was so good at it and made it into quite a lucrative¬†business, while caring for a sick child and 3 other older children and a husband who worked full-time for the railways. We ‘kids’ would play outside, playing chasey on the back lawn. Poor little Kathy would get so tired but she loved every minute of it, I’m sure.

So today, we remember Kathy who would have been 56 years old this year. Joanne, her sister, asked if I would place a rose on her gravesite on behalf of her and the family. It was my pleasure to do so and the white and pink roses, with one yellow, that I had in my garden, were perfect for Our Little Angel. RIP Kathryne.

It is also interesting to note that another little cousin of mine, also died of Leukemia on the 4th April 1954, Cheryl Anne Temple was just 4 years old.



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2 Responses to Our Little Angel

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  2. Not matter how many years pass, they are remembered and loved.

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