Week 2 – More About Me!

This week is a little more about me and where I fit into the big scheme of things.

Where was I born: The Residency, Marine Terrace, Geraldton.

The Residency was built by convict labour in 1861 for the town’s resident magistrate. In 1925 it became Geraldton’s new maternity home and closed in 1967 when the Geraldton Regional Hospital was built. It is now used as an arts and craft centre and is maintained by the Cultural Trust. It is one of the oldest buildings still standing in the city.

The Residency

The Residency, Marine Terrace, Geraldton formerly Geraldton’s Maternity Home

I’m the youngest and the only girl. Many seem to think that being the youngest, and the only girl, you’d have to be spoilt. Well, from looking at things on this side of the fence, that would have to be a long way from the truth. No handouts for this little pluck-a-duck.

I have three older brothers, Garry, Peter and Robin or Bobbo as he was known. Apparently, he was called that because I couldn’t say Robin and what came out, sounded like Bobbo and it stuck. We have lost Bobbo now, having passed away with cancer some 13 years ago in 2003. He was 48.

Cripps, Jenny 006

Peter, Bobbo, Jenny, Garry


Charlie Cripps' family

Garry, Peter, Anne, Priscilla, Belinda, Helen, Melissa, Bob, Ursula, Bobbo. Paula, Jason, Charlie, Norma Cripps, Jenny, Amanda

Next week, come walk with me through my family home where I lived until I was 10.




About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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5 Responses to Week 2 – More About Me!

  1. GeniAus says:

    Getting to know you – Thanks Jenny.

  2. kardu13 says:

    Love the Blog name Jenny

  3. You inspire me to get back to my blog… maybe soon.

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