Week 1 – Where do I start?

Just so I can get into the routine of blogging and keep this page up to date, I’m going to attempt to do the 52-week challenge that a fellow blogger has designed. Many of the topics will have me writing about different areas of my family history as well as some memories to share about myself! Now that’s a bit daunting, as to write about oneself can be very soul searching.

Grammar has never been my thing, so what gets written down here, will be as it is. I left my school teachers behind many years ago. I just hope I can keep this up. As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m not researching as much anymore as I’ve gathered enough material together over the last 30+ years. This all needs to now be put into context so hopefully, one day, my grandchildren will want to know a bit more about us and having the stories online, one day when they’re playing with Google or the like, they might stumble across their family history and be excited about what they read.

So, this week it’s all about me and next week will be too! Oh my, talk about self!!

My name: Jennifer Patricia Cripps

My parents: Charles Thomas Cripps and Dulcie Patricia Herbert.

I was born in the winter of 1955. I’ll leave the month and date off, just to keep that little piece of information private. Many who will read this, know it anyway.

Aunty Barbara Cripps is my god-mother. I never knew this until a few years ago. If only I’d known earlier, as there are so many questions I could have asked her, but unfortunately she has now passed away.  I did, however, ask her why I was named Jennifer Patricia. She just said my mother liked the name. Patricia is also mum’s middle name.

My confirmation name is Margaret after my Aunty Margaret Johnson, my dad’s older sister who was also my sponsor.

Next week, find out where I was born and where I fit into the family!


About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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5 Responses to Week 1 – Where do I start?

  1. I started at week 2, so had to find the beginning. You were as cute as a button. And talking about yourself is soul searching but also a way to discover there are more questions you now want answered.

  2. Good on you Jenny for giving this a go. I am always saving to myself I must blog more regularly. I have decided if I do even new one post it is a win.

  3. A great start Jenny. I look forward to reading more about you and your life.

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