A New Start

Pat & Charlie Cripps

Charlie Cripps and Patsy Herbert

I have recently merged my two blogs, Cripps Lymburner Scrapbook and Caddy Scrapbook together and hopefully I will now be able to post more regularly, as I’m often changing which families I’m researching.

And it’s a good day to remember, 4th July, as it would have been 67 years ago today since my mother Patsy Herbert and father Charlie Cripps married in Geraldton, Western Australia.

I have been studying Convict Ancestry with the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and I had a choice of two convicts to research. I started out collecting new information on John Clinch my great great grandmother’s first husband. We are descended from her second marriage. John was convicted of stealing and transported to Tasmania for 7 years. 

However, it seemed from the interaction that I was having with other students in the course, that most were doing either Tasmanian or NSW convicts, and the course was leaning quite a bit towards the eastern states, so I changed tack part way through and went in search of more information about my husband’s great grandfather Samuel Mansell, who was convicted of escaping from a convict hulk and subsequently sentenced to 20 years transportation and ended up at Lynton Station near Port Gregory in Western Australia.

Now I knew that 20 years transportation was usually for a very bad crime or a build up of several crimes, when other prisoners were sentenced to 7 or 10 years. My investigations many years ago only ever revealed that Samuel stole a watch when he was on duty in a mine in Shropshire, England. However, new records have come available online and it was found that Samuel was a little bit more of a rebel that first realised.

Watch this space for my thesis on Samuel Mansell’s Convict Story.



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