Remembering our Anzac’s

Several weeks ago, I was approached by the ABC Rural programmers (Australian Broadcasting Commission for the Midwest rural areas of Western Australia) asking if they could interview me on the history of my Great Grandfather Charles Thomas Cripps for a segment they were doing for the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC. Their interest was for the rural sector and farmers in WWI. The interview was to take place at Mumby, the property that Charles took up in 1894. It took only two deep breaths to say yes, I would do it.

By the time the day came around, I was starting to get butterflies, how would this work? What questions would they ask me? Would I remember everything off the top of my head? What if I missed something out? I did take my photo album and family history research files with me, just in case I had time to refer to them to clarify something. I needn’t have worried too much as after nearly 3 hours of filming, the whole video was condensed into 4 minutes.

It was a pleasant drive up through Northampton and out to Mumby. I’ve only been up there twice since my father passed away in October 2000 and memories of my days of living on the farm came flooding back. The ABC Midwest Rural team of Chris Lewis the camera man and Joanna Prendergast the reporter, met us there at 10am. We chatted for a bit to the new owners, the Suckling family, then they left us to get on with it.

The property was looking very neat and tidy, I was most impressed, however they did tell us that thanks to the help of some back packers, it was cleaned up after Cyclone Olwyn had passed through that week. Some of the roofing had come off the old shearing shed which reminded me of the time Cylone Hazel ripped through in 1978. See the photos below in the slideshow.

Here is the end result of the video that has been posted online at ABC Open and the sound recording is to be played later this week on the ABC’s Country Hour.

The ABC Midwest Rural interview – The 61 year old farmer who went to war.

Lest We Forget!


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7 Responses to Remembering our Anzac’s

  1. Shirley Brown says:

    Great effort Jenny. Your great grandfather would be proud of you ☺

  2. Good work Jenny. We always hope that our old memory places will be there when we venture back… sometimes not…… thank goodness it is people like you who help preserve these memories with words, photos and doing that they do stay just a little longer.

  3. Peter Cripps says:

    A well described short piece of history of Great Grandfather’s involvement in the the 1st World War.

  4. Jenny MacKay says:

    Reblogged this on Caddy Scrapbook.

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