2015 Cripps Family Reunion

A family reunion was held on Sunday, March 1st for the descendants of Tom Cripps and Norma Lymburner formerly of Mumby farm, Northampton.

Tom is the eldest son of Charles Thomas Cripps and Margaret Haigh nee Williams, pioneers of Northampton who took up farming on their property at west Ogilvie in 1894 by swapping a team of horses. Norma is the only child of Charles Norman Lymburner an early surveyor of the district from the late 1890s and Alice Zenobia Campbell.

Wreaths were laid at three grave sites in memory of the founders of this large family. There are 243 direct descendants from Tom and Norma Cripps, with some 90 or more attending the reunion. Families travelled from Queensland, Victoria, Perth and further afield to be there for what turned out to be a momentous occasion.

Tom and Norma had 10 children, 3 boys and 7 girls. Of the 3 surviving children, Ernie Cripps was thought to be the only sibling who was able to attend the day, when a surprise entrance was made by younger sister Rita Bridgeman from Perth. Another highlight of the day was linking via Skype to Norma Murray, their 94 year old sister from Melbourne and she was able to watch her siblings cut the reunion cake. All the time her image was projected on to the big screen. Niece Jenny MacKay, moved around the room with the iPad still connected to Skype, so Norma could say hello to her nieces and nephews and their families. The emotion on her face said it all. Nellie Cripps from Northampton, wife of Jim (Owen) Cripps and Ray Whiting from Melbourne, husband of Phyllis Cripps, were also there to celebrate the day.

Many of the family descendants brought along memorabilia items and photos to display alongside the family tree charts that were printed out with all the latest descendants included. A Power Point presentation was also put together of old photos and a “Who Do You Think You Are?” style family tree to show the ancestry back to the earliest ancestor.

Many didn’t want the day to end, so a group of about 30 went to the middle hotel for dinner, before finally saying goodbye and heading home.

Thanks must go out to Peter Cripps who was a big contributor to the organising of the day along with his sister Jenny MacKay and cousin Robert Parker and to all the family members who helped to provide salads and BBQ meat for everyone.

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3 Responses to 2015 Cripps Family Reunion

  1. Peter and Phyl. Cripps says:

    Just found this. 🙂 My name is also Phyllis Cripps and my husband Peter Cripps. we live in Victoria Australia. Peter was brought up by his Mother who did not tell him much about his Father or the Cripps family.
    Has searched records but not found a lot other than his Dad was born in England but he has no family History sadly.
    All the best.
    Phyl. Cripps.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Interesting that you have the same names as some of our family members. I hope your husband is able to find out more of his family history. It will be there, it just needs tapping into.

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