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Many years ago, back in the days when email was just being born, I was in contact with Simon Hollingworth who is a direct descendant of the first lord of Hollingworth Manor in Cheshire who is also our Caddy/Carson/Hollingworth direct ancestor. We had lost contact over the years, as you do when life gets in the way and family history has to be put on the back burner. However, tonight, I received an email from Simon through the Contact Me link on my blog after I wrote about It’s all Relative and the spelling of the Hollingworth/Hollingsworth name.

Here is Simon’s email (posted with his permission) how the spelling was changed and the connection with our Caddy family. At the time of writing, Simon didn’t realise I was the Jenny MacKay he knew from long ago, the author of the blog. I’m glad the two families have now come back together several generations later.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hi, I can confirm for you that James misspelt the surname Hollingworth.

Anne was descended from the Dale Abbey family of Hollingworths. You are indeed a relative of Rev. Hollingworth as is Jenny MacKay through the family from Stanley Grange Farm. Rev. Hollingworth’s grandfather was one of James Caddy’s business partners. Through one of Mr Caddy’s failed business ventures, Mr Hollingworth of Adelaide became one of the many unsuccessful creditors, which placed a tremendous strain on both families. After this time, all contact between the second cousins seems to have ceased.

In order to clarify the pedigree of your ancestor, I can confirm for you that your Hollingworth connection is through one of the last remaining heirs of the first lord of Hollingworth Manor in Cheshire (circ 1180). Through Anne Draycott of Stanely Grange Farm at West Hallam, you can trace a descent back to the first Baron Maldenberg from Normandy via the Draycotts.

When you read the history of Hollingworth on Wikipedia, you are indeed reading your own family history. Please enjoy.

All the best Simon


In a follow up email, Simon also says “You will be pleased to know that I traced down the line of Walter MacKay Draycott in British Columbia.” Now fancy that middle name being MacKay, that of my husband’s!!!


Here is the link to the Hollingworth name on Wikipedia. I know my Uncle Ray Herbert will be pleased to read this post.

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