Serving Our Country

I’m adding another post today as we have another member of the Cripps family who enlisted in the AIF to serve our country in WWI, in David Williams Cripps son of Charles, born 23 May 1886.

I had been told that the three sons of Charles could not serve in WWI for various reasons, that’s why he, Charles, put himself out there, so the Cripps family could be represented.  On retrieving David’s enlistment papers from the National Archives, we find that he suffers badly from chronic eczema and is discharged. A. (Arthur) Bandy who is mentioned in this article from the Geraldton Guardian, enlisted on the 19th September 1917 and returned safely on the 15th July 1919. (The articles mentions a Private T. Cripps, however this should read Private D. Cripps.)

On Monday evening a social and dance took place in the King’s Hall for the purpose of bidding ”Bon Voyage’ to Privates T. Cripps, of Northampton, and A. Bandy, of Hutt, who have recently joined the A.I.F., and were home on long leave. Unfortunately Mr A. Bandy was unable to be present. There was a fair attendance of friends of the two young men. Songs were contributed by Messrs Turnock, L. F. Mitchell and J. Green, and Mr Steim, of Baddera, officiated at the piano in his usual efficient manner. The good wishes of the assembly for the two young men were expressed by the Rev J. Green, who was supported by Mr F. Ash. The hope was expressed that Private T. Cripps would be as fortunate in escaping wounds and illness as his father has been hitherto.

Source: Trove – Geraldton Guardian Thursday 11 October 1917

David Williams Cripps No. 7961, Enlisted 19 September 1917 at the age of 30 years. He was 5′ feet 6 3/4″ in height, with a chest measurement of 35/38, weighing in at 145 lbs (65.77kg), bronzed complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, religious denomination; Methodist. David has three vaccination marks on his left arm and a scar front of left thumb. I wonder how he got that!? His vision was R D = 6, L D = 6

David married Mary Grace Ridley in 1919 in Northampton and they had two sons, William who died at birth and David Charles. We read about Private David Charles Cripps on a previous post detailing his service in WWII. David Williams Cripps died on the 28th August 1924.

Mary Grace went on to marry Bertie H Ash in 1927. She died on the 7th November 1961 in Geraldton, Western Australia.

David Williams Cripps pg5 pg1

 Source: National Archives of Australia –


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4 Responses to Serving Our Country

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  2. Peter Cripps says:

    Although Great Grandad went off to WW1 and that David was unfit; Do we know the circumstances of Grandad Tom and his other brother Jack? Of interest if anyone is able to help me solve a mystery is David’s wife, Mary Grace or Aunty Gracie to relatives, died in 1961 and her death certificate that I have a copy of has her name as Mary Grace Ash as she was married to Bertie Harold Ash, ( WW1 No.1994. WW11 No. W 27503) some time after David had passed away. The question of interest is that she is buried with David Cripps and her headstone has her name as Cripps.

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Stories I was told by Auntie Maggie Woodcock and Nanna (Norma) Cripps, is that Tom and Jack both had medical issues as well. One was allergic to the woollen uniform and another had flat feet. The medical officers were pretty strict back then. I don’t know who had what, however there is no listing for either if them having joined the AIF through the National Archives. Possibly Alan, Edna or Geoff Crips, Jack’s family, could enlighten us.

      • Jenny MacKay says:

        Since making this comment, David Williams Cripps attestation papers have come online and he had very bad eczema. So I would guess he’s the one that was allergic to the uniform.

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