It’s a Great Feeling to be Recognised!

While I was out galavanting in my caravan and checking out the history of the old gold mining ghosts towns of Big Bell and Day Dawn near Cue in Western Australia, I happened to go onto Facebook (when I managed to get some internet) and see that the Geraldton Family History Society had tagged me in a link congratulating me on being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by GeniAus. You can imagine how thrilled I was to have someone recognise my blog. I know I have slowed down with this one, only because the Irish information has petered out and I’m yet to find some of the descendants of my grandmother’s brother’s and sister’s and get their permission to post any information about their respective families. Hopefully now that the blog is being shared more, we will find some of those relatives.
According to the rules of the One Lovely Blog Award I am to thank my nominator – THANK YOU Jill Ball from GeniAus, you have made my day.
Share seven things about myself:
  1. I’m retired and will now spend time exploring our wonderful country in our caravan.
  2. I volunteer at the Greenough Museum and Community Gardens, Chapman Valley Museum and I’m a tour guide for the HMAS Sydney Memorial in Geraldton. 
  3. I have been a genealogist since 1986.
  4. The Caddy Scrapbook is my first genealogy blog which is about my mother’s maternal family.
  5.  I have another blog Cripps Lymburner Scrapbook which is about my father’s maternal and paternal family.
  6. I wrote a travel blog during our 2 month trip to the eastern states earlier this year.
  7. I love discovering new information about all my families on the internet that wasn’t available 30 years ago.
  8. I’m a techno nerd and own a laptop, iPhone and iPad and have been known to give some lessons to seniors on how to use their devices. I love seeing their eyes light up when they learn something new!
  9. I first learnt how to use WordPress some 4 years ago when I was the IT lead on a digital scrapbooking website.
    Ooops! That’s 9 things about me!!!
Nominate 15 bloggers I admire:
This is where I’m going to come in on a different angle. As much as I like reading blogs, I don’t like my inbox having too much in it to read, so instead I sign up to receiving RSS feeds on my iPad through an app called Feedly and use Facebook as my goto place to find information pertaining to family history. I’ve also created a private group on Facebook for the Cripps Lymburner descendants to keep everyone informed about new posts on the blog and information regarding our up and coming reunion in 2015. I’ve recently started using Google+ and follow several genealogy communities. I’ve even managed to attend one of GeniAus’ Hangouts which was excellent and I must do that again soon.
So here are some of my Feeds that I have subscribed to and not necessarily in order of preference. They are also mostly well known websites and blogs by professional genealogists, so being an amateur, I am grateful to Jill for taking the time to read my blog.
  2. DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog
  3. Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy
  4. Family Search Blog
  5. Genealogy Tip of the Day
  6. GeniAus
  7. Lisa Louise Cook – Genealogy Gems
  8. Cripps Lymburner Scrapbook

My Facebook pages-groups that I follow:

  1. Geraldton Family History Society
  2. Western Australia Genealogy
  3. Australian Genealogy
  4. Cyndi’s List
  5. Gould Genealogy
  6. Find My Past
  7. The Genealogy Gems Podcast
  8. The National Archives
  9. Australian Convicts and their Descendants
  10. Technology for Genealogy

Now I know that adds up to 18 and there are many more I’m sure. Many people grumble about Facebook, saying they don’t like to hear what their grandchildren are doing this weekend or how many nappies someone’s baby has gone through today. I say forget that side of it or change your settings so you don’t see those posts and join Facebook purely for genealogy to learn new information. My iPad has become my paperless office for reading my RSS feeds, accessing my genealogy documents that I have synced to the cloud, writing and receiving emails and so much more.

 Hopefully this blog will also encourage others to give blogging a go and maybe link up with some of their long lost relatives. See what one little bit of recognition does to one, it has me going off on a tangent, so I’d better stop and post this before I write any more. 🙂

About Jenny MacKay

Just a person who is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the golden years!
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2 Responses to It’s a Great Feeling to be Recognised!

  1. Raymond says:

    I agree with what John said,well deserved,you have inspired us all.I am very proud of your work,Your family should be very proud of what you have achieved..Raymond(uncle Ray)

  2. john herbert says:

    excellent Jenny, well deserved. You have inspired me to discover my family history.

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