A Hint to One’s Ancestry

When researching your family history, often times the mother’s maiden name can remain elusive if it hasn’t been recorded on a certificate anywhere. Sometimes the answer could be revealed right before your very eyes that you hadn’t seen previously.

Check the names of the children of the ancestor you are researching, as often times, the child’s name could have the maiden name as part of his or her christian or second name.

In our Caddy family, James Caddy married Constance Mary Carson and their eldest child was named Thomas Hollingsworth Caddy.

Hollingsworth being an unusual name to call a child. However, on further research into this family, it was revealed that Constance’s mother was Anne Holling(s)worth, daughter of John Hollingworth and Ann Draycott.

Hollingworth is often spelt Hollingsworth with an (s). On the births register for Thomas his name is spelt with an (s) whereas on the birth certificate for his mother Anne, the name is spelt without the s. So when researching, one has to keep an open mind, that the name could be spelt either way.

The name Hollingworth is derived from Holling, holi, holy, holyn or holyng meaning holly and worth meaning a farm or open clearing where there were meadows. There is a long history about the name on Wikipedia with the earliest recording of the surname c1222. How far can we take this line back?

One of the notableĀ direct descendants of Lord de Holynworth is the Right Reverend Peter Hollingworth AC, OBE, Archbishop of Brisbane and the 23rd Governor-General of Australia. Peter Hollingworth belongs to a junior line of Hollingworth Hall living at Melbourne in Australia.


Thomas Hollingsworth Caddy

Hollingworth Anne


Thomas Hollingworth Caddy



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