The loss of two siblings

We read in the previous blog of Alexander Delisser, that two of his children, Ellis William and Adelaide Anna, are also buried in the cemetery in Florence, Italy.

Ellis William Delisser was born to Alexander Delisser and Deborah Crawford on the 11th January 1826 and was baptised at Saint Pancras, in the County of Middlesex, 8th March 1826.


Ellis was registered to attend St John’s Cambridge University, 10th June 1845 however he never got the chance. The family had recently returned from Italy where they had been living and where their father, Alexander had died in May of 1844.

Ellis’ death certificate indicated that the cause was not discoverable on examining the body, no disease found. Was always subject to pain in the head, ill five hours before death, insensible throughout.

Ellis William death

More about Ellis later.

Adelaide Anna Delisser was born on the 6th September 1830 and baptised on the 6th April 1831 along with Edmund Alexander Delisser who was born on the 28th June 1829.

Adelaide and Edmund Delisser Baptism


To set the scene here, imagine that these two siblings would have been close. We will talk some more about Edmund Alexander in further posts, but do keep his name in the forefront of your mind!

Delisser Adelaide Anna

On the 18th July 1845, just 4 days after the death of her brother Ellis, we find that Adelaide has died from injuries to her head from a fall into an area while looking out of a window two stories high, lived about two hours. No previous illness.

What has happened here? Is Adelaide so distraught from the death of her older brother that she throws herself out of the window, or has she over balanced and fallen to her death?

Tell me what you think?

1 Devonshire Place, London


On a trip to the UK in 1998, I walked the streets of London and found No 1 Devonshire-street. Was it the same building? I’m not sure as much of London was bombed during WWII.

Watch this space for more information about Ellis William and Adelaide Anna Delisser.


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