A Time Past

I am writing this post on the WordPress app as we travel back from Perth to Geraldton on Boxing Day after spending Christmas with our daughters, their partners and the grandchildren. It was while I was travelling that the realisation hit me that it is 47 years ago today, 26 December 1966, since my nanna Herbert (Caddy) passed away suddenly at my parents farm of Mumby, Northampton. My brother Peter and I were still having breakfast when she suddenly collapsed on the floor at the kitchen sink. We were 10 & 12 years old at the time. That day rocked my boat and I’ve never forgotten it.

Geraldton, where nanna lived, has changed so much since it’s beginnings and even more so in the last 10-20 years. My memories of Geraldton revolve around my visits to stay with nanna. My brother Peter and I would spend many school holidays with her at her home in Snowden Street. The duplex house she rented from the housing commission has long gone and a vacant block stands there now. On our trip to Perth on Christmas Eve, we bought The West Australian newspaper, a paper I very rarely purchase. So I was very excited to see a picture of the past, taken from the top of Mount Scott back in 1938 looking out across the Geraldton harbour. In the picture I could see the large court house and the street running beside it as Forrest Street. Then my eyes glanced to the bottom right of the picture and even though Snowden Street is not visible, I can see the back yard of nanna’s house and the old wash house, the small white building just left of the house with the red roof. How exciting to see this rare picture. This was taken in 1936 and nanna would not have been living there then but it was still a great find.

So I thought this would be an appropriate blog to share on the 47th anniversary of nanna’s passing.

RIP Constance Annie Herbert nee Caddy and Annie Caddy: born 1889



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2 Responses to A Time Past

  1. john herbert says:

    I remember we stayed with Nanna over night, on our way to visit you guys on the farm?. I also seem to recall large sun flowers growing along side the fence / back yard?

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Yes, that’s right John and I remember the purple and white statice and pink and whit vincas growing out the front. Nanna called them weeds yet everyone grows them now.

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