Mary Ellen Caddy: 1865 continued (2)

Mary Ellen first married James Henry Warner, who incidentally was also born in Ireland about 1860. On the 1901 Census & 1911 Census, James’ occupation has been given as a Lace Factory Manager. Many would know that Nottingham is famous for its lace making. Some Google searches will reveal much about lace in Nottingham, however, I was interested to find this website on the Forgotten Story of English Lace.

James Warner died 25 August 1921. His probate record reads: “Warner James Henry of Colville House Colville-street Nottingham works manager died 25 August 1921 at 6 Oxford-street Nottingham Probate Nottingham 23 September to Mary Ellen Warner widow. Effects £3305 10s.

In 1928, Mary Ellen married John George Hedley. At this stage I don’t have any more information on John Hedley, however, his probate record reads:  “Hedley John George of 11a Baker-street Nottingham died 23 November 1944 Probate Nottingham 17 February to Mary Ellen Hedley widow. Effects £1501 7s. 1d.”

Thanks must go to Kylie Chapman for supplying copies of the probate records. What has been a fantastic revelation for me, is the amount of genealogy information that is out there now, not only on paid websites like Ancestry and Find My Past, but also the county offices, national archives and so much more. Who would have thought that the printed newspaper from the 18th and 19th century would be accessible from our homes? 20 years ago, I would never have dreamt so much could be available at the click of a button. My only wish now is that I could go back to these places that I visited in 1998, now that so much more has been revealed.


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