Mary Ellen Caddy: born 1865

Thomas and Ellen Caddy (nee Ryan) had four boys before they were able to finally welcome a daughter into their family. In the September quarter of 1865, Mary Ellen Caddy was born in Congleton, Cheshire. In the 1881 Census, of Radford, Nottingham, at the age of 15, Mary Ellen is listed with her parents and siblings as being a pupil teacher. Note that Sandbach is given as her place of birth. This could possibly be because Thomas forgot when he was telling the enumerator, that Mary Ellen was born in Congleton, or was Sandbach on his mind??? If you remember in previous posts HERE and HERE, Thomas got himself into a little bit of trouble with the law in Sandbach and did a little stint in the lockup there. It would appear that Ellen was either heavily pregnant with Mary Ellen or had just given birth at the time, as she was christened on 15 October 1865 at St James, Congleton, Cheshire.

1881 Census; 6 Croft Place, Radford, Nottingham.
Thomas E Caddy, Head, Married, 45, Iron Moulder, Born Ireland
Ellen Caddy, Wife, Married, 43, Ireland
Joseph Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 23, Clerk Civil Service, Ireland
James Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 22, Iron Moulder, Born Cheshire, Congleton
Thomas E Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 20, Machine Fitter, Cheshire, Sandbach
William H Caddy, Son, Unmarried, 17, Commercial Clerk, Cheshire, Congleton
Mary E Caddy, Daughter, Unmarried, 15, Pupil Teacher, Cheshire, Sandbach
Jane A Caddy, Daughter, Unmarried, 13, Scholar, Wiltshire, Swindon

The Nottinghamshire Guardian, Saturday, September 10, 1898, announced the marriage of Mary Ellen to James Henry Warner on the 7th, at St Augustine’s Church, New Basford.

1901 Census; 26 Corporation Oaks, Nottingham
James Henry Warner, Head, M, 40, Lace Factory Manager, worker, Born Ireland
Mary Ellen Warner, Wife, M, 33, Born Cheshire
Martha Elizabeth Lincoln, servant, S, 28, General Servant, Domestic, Born South Mayfield, Derby

1911 Census; 1 Waverley Mount, Nottingham
James Henry Warner, Head, 50, Married, Total children born alive, None, Factory Manager, Lace Dressing, Worker, Born Cork, Ireland
Mary Ellen Warner, Wife, 42, Married, married 12 years, Born Cheshire
Eliza Ann Elvin, Servant, 33, Single, General Servant Domestic, Born Nuttal (Notts)

From both of these census returns, we can see that there are no children listed and a search of the indexes did not reveal any either. In 1921, James Henry Warner died at the age of 61.

In my next post, let’s see if we can find out what happened to Mary Ellen.


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