Thomas Edward Caddy Jnr: born 1861

Thomas Edward Caddy jnr is the 3rd son of Thomas Edward and Ellen Caddy, born in Sandbach, Cheshire on the 15 May 1861. According to the census records of 1881 and 1891 (see below), Thomas is an Engine Fitter living at the home of his parents. He never married and was still living at 9 Wycliffe Street when he died on the 5 December 1894 at just 33 years of age. He is buried with his parents at the Rock Cemetery in Nottingham. At this stage I don’t have Thomas’ death certificate, so we don’t know why he died at such an early age.

Birth of Thomas in 1861

1881 Census, Radford, Nottingham

Census of 1891 – Thomas an Engine Fitter age 29.

Wills & Administration Records from 1895.


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4 Responses to Thomas Edward Caddy Jnr: born 1861

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  3. raymond says:

    Yes that is really young,he may have been ill ,or had an accident at work .

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      I probably will follow this one up in due course uncle Ray as I’m interested in our not so longevity and heart disease.

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