Joseph Caddy: born 1857

Joseph Caddy born 22 July 1857 in Co Galway, Ireland and is the eldest son of Thomas Edward Caddy and Ellen Ryan.

Sometime in my early childhood, I remember my grandmother telling me that we were of Irish descent. When I first started my researching into my genealogy, I found that James Ryan Caddy’s death certificate had Ireland as his place of birth. Then I located his birth entry in Congleton, Cheshire. So where did the Irish connection come into it? Some more research, this time in the census records (all on microfilm as there was no internet back then) I eventually found the family living in Nottingham, England. You know the place, it’s famous for Robin Hood and his merry men and the big oak that I posted earlier, and there was the Irish connection. James’ parents were born in Ireland, but so too was his eldest brother Joseph. We can deduce from this that the family arrived in England, somewhere between late 1857 and early 1859. Whether the Great Famine (a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration between 1845 and 1852) had anything to do with their needing to emigrate, is a possibility or that because Thomas was an only child, his father had died and he wanted a new life for his then newborn son Joseph and wife Ellen. We may discover more as we delve further into the Irish history.

Timeline for Joseph Caddy

 Jul 22 Birth: Ireland, Galway, Newcastle.
1857 Aug 9 Christening: Ireland, Galway, St Nicholas.
Age 4: 1861 Census: England, Cheshire, Sandbach.
Age 14: 1871 Census: England, Nottingham, St Mary.
Age 23: 1881 Apr 3 Census: England, Nottingham, Radford.
Age 23: 1881 Jun 26 Married Emma Jane YOUNG: England, Derbyshire, Church Gresley.
Age 25: 1883 Mar 21 (chr) (#1) Daughter born: Annie Muriel CADDY: England, Nottingham, Radford. Christened in Radford, Nottingham, England.
Age 25: 1883 Jul 2 Death: England, Basford, Carrington.

 Baptism Record for Joseph in Co Galway, Ireland. 

Marriage record for Joseph, aged 24, bachelor, Clerk, Church Gresley, father Thomas Edward Caddy, ironmonger. To: Emma Jane Young, aged 20, spinster, Church Gresley, father Abram Young, gentleman. Extracted from Church Gresley records online.

Death Certificate of Joseph Caddy at aged 25, a Post Office Clerk, of Heart Disease and James Caddy his brother is the informant. I’m not sure what our other Caddy relatives have died from, but the heart disease sure seems prevalent and Joseph has died only 4 months after his baby daughter Annie Muriel is born.

From an entry in the probate records we find that Annie Muriel of 6 Wilmot Road Swadlincote, Derbyshire died on the 15 January 1852 at The General Infirmary Burton-on-Trent a spinster. Unfortunately, as there were no more children to Joseph, he has no descendants.


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  2. raymond says:

    not much of a life,Heart disease is interesting though.

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