A Worried Mother

I was trawling through the National Archives website and came across William Henry Caddy’s enlistments papers from 1916. William Henry is the 8th child of James Ryan and Constance Annie Caddy and a younger brother to my grandmother Constance Annie Herbert nee Caddy.

William enlisted on the 27 March 1916. However if you look closely at both these Attestation Papers below, there’s been a lot of crossing out and rewriting of dates.

William has a trade of a saddler. My post on the 28th September on Northam History showed an image of a saddlery with the name of Withnell’s on the business next door, being the ironmongers where James Ryan Caddy worked. I wonder now if one of the people in this image outside the saddlery is William Henry Caddy!?

Something interesting that I noted on both these Attestation Papers was the change of address of the next of kin, James Caddy, father.  The first entry is for Fitzgerald Street, then the next one has been crossed out and Leake Estate, Hampton Street, Northam is written in red.  I’ve done a Google Earth look at this address, however street view doesn’t cover one portion of Hampton Street and the portion I could view didn’t give any indication as to where Leake Estate would have been. I wonder what Leake Estate was? The address comes up on a Google search for William Henry in the AIF Database for Australians in the Great War unit details of the Field Artillery Brigade 10, Reinforcement 7 . 

 Caddy, William Henry Military Records NAA pg1 COPY  Caddy, William Henry Military Records NAA pg7

In the collection of 32 pages of William’s military history were these two letters. It appears his mother was getting worried that she hadn’t heard from him, however, the officer in charge of the records assured her that he was indeed on his way home. What a joyous occasion that would have been.

 Caddy, William Henry Military Records NAA pg29  Caddy, William Henry Military Records NAA pg28

Hampton Street
Leake Estate
July 21st, 1919

Commonwealth Military Forces

Dear Sirs
Will you kindly tell me if my son No 28644 Sadler W H Caddy 8th Field Artillery Brigade 29th Battery (h)as left for home. We have not heard from him for quiet (quite) a long time the last letter dated May 12th he was then in ?eny Camp & was embarking for home in 3 weeks time. We cannot get any tidings of him at all. I am very much worried & I thought you would kindly find out for me & let me know at your earliest.
You will greatly oblige
Annie Caddy

Please address
Mrs James Caddy
Hampton Street
Leake Estate

30th July, 1919

Dear Madam,
I have to acknowledge receipt of your communication dated 21st instant concerning your son No. 28644 Driver W.H.Caddy, 8th Field Artillery Brigade, and in reply to state he is reported to be returning per H.T. “Karmala” which vessel is due to arrive at Fremantle about the 9th August.

Notification to this effect was forwarded to next-of-kin recorded as Mr. James Caddy, (father) resident at Fitzgerald Street, Leake Estate, Northam, W.A. on 24th instant, which address has been amended to read as under.

Yours faithfully

Major, Office i/c ase Records.

Mrs. James Caddy Senior,
Hampton Street,
Leake Estate,


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2 Responses to A Worried Mother

  1. raymond says:

    I met Uncle Bill when i was a young boy he had a blurry eye and Mum told me he had a shell splinter in it..Very interesting Jenny

    • Jenny MacKay says:

      Yes, on reading through his service records, he did appear to be wounded. Maybe that was it. I’ll see if I can find out what his injury was.

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