Northam History

Recently there has been a spate of Facebook groups to do with lost towns. There is Lost Geraldton, Lost Perth, Lost Rockingham and many others including Lost Northam. I was scrolling through their photos recently and found several showing Withnell’s of Northam. James Ryan Caddy was working as a brass and iron moulder at Withnell’s up to the time of his death in 1931.

There is one photo with a group of people standing out the front. Unfortunately, none of them has been named, however it does give us a bit of an insight into what this business looked like.

Withnell's Northam

Withnell's Northam 2Withnell's Northam 3

I remember by grandmother (nanna Herbert – Constance Annie Caddy) telling us the story of the Northam floods and how the water came right up to the walls of their house.

Thankfully we have these groups on Facebook and people who upload photos to them to give us a look into our past?


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4 Responses to Northam History

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  3. raymond says:

    I remember the Withnell garage .it was going when i was a youngster,i remember Mum and Grandmother Caddy telling me about the floods and used to have a photo of one of the Ladies in a boat outside the old Home in Arnold Street.

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